Chatmeter is the only online business reputation and SEO rank tracking platform that pulls all your local results together in one accessible place. A single glance at the Chatmeter local rank checker shows how all your locations are doing in terms of both web and map-­based results. Never lose sight of a business locations rankings ever again.
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Local Business Search Engine Optimization


Local search matters more than ever before, and Chatmeter’s local rank tracker makes it easy to see how each location is performing. Learn how to improve local seo efforts by just one glance at the Chatmeter seo & rank tracking dashboard.

With the ability to focus on the keywords that matter most across all the major providers, you can easily see which locations are succeeding and which could use some help. Powerful analytics, custom filters, and information ­rich maps and graphs make it easy to draw conclusions even across the largest of multi­ location operations. Industry­ leading accuracy ensures that these conclusions will be the right ones, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

Chatmeter simplifies and streamlines what would otherwise be the complicated work of local rank tracking, no matter how large your organization.

Powerful Local SEO Tools Keep You Informed


Other platforms claim to enable local SEO tracking for multi-­location companies, but Chatmeter lives up to that important goal in ways that no competitor can match. Designed from the ground up to provide what chains, agencies, and other multi­-location users need most; Chatmeter includes an industry-leading collection of SEO rank tracking tools and reports. With every feature being designed to empower you with information you can use and rely upon, Chatmeter delivers actionable local intelligence for your national brand.


Custom Filters

Custom filters help you focus in whichever ways make the most sense for your industry, business, and current goals. Simple but powerful filtering options let you easily generate reports on everything. From average rankings over time for particular keywords, to date­ and provider specific data. You can switch between web search results and map­-based performance reports with one click of a button, making it simple to keep up with both. Clear, informative graphs are generated automatically and let you see at a glance how progress is coming.


Organic, Web­based Search Rank Tracking

Chatmeter makes it easy to keep up with location­-specific performance in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engine results. The Chatmeter SEO rank tracker automatically accounts for both your company’s main page and those of its individual locations. A summary view provides insights into how your company is performing at an overall level across all targeted keywords and locations.

Focused reports make it easy to target search phrases and locations that need attention. As the market evolves, Chatmeter makes it simple to incorporate new keywords into your SEO strategy. With the top position for a given Google search receiving as much as half of all the resulting traffic, Chatmeter delivers more customers to every one of your locations.


Location-Based Analytics

While standing out in Google’s web search results pays off, many today are just as likely to use business-­specific services like Yelp or Yellow Pages. Chatmeter also gives you the same kind of effective local rank tracking for these services, allowing you to reach even more potential customers.

You can easily see how locations are performing at the many directory sites, mobile apps, and other outlets that consumers rely so much on today. Built­-in maps highlight presences that are performing well and single out those that need more work. Easily customized categories let you break your locations down by region or other divisions that make the most sense.


Accurate, Reliable Results

Building an accurate, reliable local SEO tracker is harder than many will admit. Google, Yelp, and other providers target their results to individual users, employing everything from current location to past search activity to shape their output. Chatmeter incorporates advanced, effective means of gathering results that reflect the ones real users actually receive.

That allows you to be confident in what you see, giving you the ability to devise better­ informed strategies and to execute them in grounded, effective ways. While some local SEO rank tracking platforms produce unnatural results that can be misleading, Chatmeter has consistently proved to mirror what real customers experience when they search.


Simple Visual Reporting and the Ability to Go in Depth

With potentially dozens of keywords and hundreds of locations, keeping up with local SEO results could easily become complicated. Chatmeter puts a premium on clarity and incisiveness, offering easily digestible charts, maps, and other information-­rich visual reporting

When a trend stands out at the visual level, you can always dive in deeper, drilling down as far as might be needed to figure out what needs to be done. This proven approach takes the complication out of local SEO analysis, ensuring that time spent with Chatmeter always pays real dividends. By providing so much information so quickly and easily, Chatmeter makes sure you stay on top of your local SEO performance no matter what happens.

Location­ Aware Rank Tracking That Serves Any Industry


Chatmeter has been designed to make a difference for any business that maintains multiple locations or client companies. Staying on top of local SEO results has long been a goal for many, and Chatmeter finally makes it possible and easy. Chatmeter’s local rank tracking features consistently proves their value to companies in these industries and many others.

Automotive Dealerships

Staying on top of a dozen or more dealerships alone can be tough, but many businesses today have even more to keep up with. Chatmeter’s flexible rank tracking features make it easy to add and adjust keywords as buyer behaviors and manufacturers’ lineups change.

When a new model catches the attention of the public, Chatmeter users can make sure that every dealership ranks well both on the web and at a full range of popular location-­based services. With up to 60% of all local search activity coming through directory sites and the like, Chatmeter points out places where you can register or update your dealership’s details to easily secure free traffic.


Three out of five local searches result in purchases today, and Chatmeter helps you make sure that all of your company’s retail presences are standing out as they should. Users searching for a local retailer are frequently ready to buy, so every improvement in results positioning translates to more business.

Chatmeter makes it simple to get ahead of predictable seasonal trends, as well as the latest hot products, giving you the ability to easily tailor your keyword priorities and make sure every retail location is performing well. Where your customers vary in their purchasing priorities according to geographical location, you can ably account for these facts, as well.


Whether for spur­-of-­the-­moment nights out or for important events that are planned ahead, sites like Yelp have become the most important way for many people to find and pick restaurants, bars, and destinations. Coupled with its powerful reputation tracking features, Chatmeter’s local SEO management platform makes it simple to gauge performance everywhere online.

From securing the top spot for a general Google search for a certain style of food in a particular city to making sure that Yelp showcases your brand all across the country, Chatmeter makes it easy to produce the kinds of results restaurants benefit most from.

Multi-Family and Hotels

Ninety percent of all potential tenants do research online, and hotel guests are not far behind. You need to make sure each of your multi­family or hotel presences stand out as much as possible. Chatmeter’s local SEO tracking gives you accessible, accurate information that covers everything from the bird’s­ eye view to how particular properties are faring in their own local markets.

You can organize your locations by region or targeted tenant type, easily seeing how each performs for the most relevant keywords at the local level. Whether for a hotel or a multi­family rental development, Chatmeter’s local rank management feature helps keep occupancy and revenues high.

Anywhere Else

Wherever multiple locations or clients need to be seen to, Chatmeter’s local SEO management features shine. The best traffic of all is that which arrives organically and consistently, and Chatmeter makes it easy for every location to maximize its related results. With proven accuracy and a performance-­tuned blend of power and simplicity,

Chatmeter’s local rank tracking can make a real difference for any company with multiple locations to oversee and cultivate. Every business needs customers, and Chatmeter helps ensure that Google, Yelp, and other online services are doing all they possibly can for each and every location.

Easy to Experience in Person


As with its other features, Chatmeter’s SEO rank tracker combines power with simplicity, letting you easily make the most of the information it offers. Whatever your industry or goals, Chatmeter allows you to stay on top of every location’s SEO performance over any time horizon and for whichever keywords matter the most. With local search becoming ever more important, schedule a free demo now to find out how Chatmeter can make a difference for your multi­-location business or agency.