Full Enterprise level access and reporting. Receive customized reports based on any groups, filters, and user’s access.
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Segmented Reports

Our enterprise review management software allows you to export analytics, charts, and historical analysis for any group of stores (region, district, brand, franchise, etc.)


Unlimited Logins and User Roles

Create unique logins for any level of access: corporate, regional managers, or store managers. Admins can customize each users right’s to control who can edit and who can view content in the dashboard. User can also limit access to email alerts and monthly summary reports only.


Unlimited Email Alerts

Set up email alerts by group of locations delivering daily actionable information (new reviews, mentions, listings, summary reports) without logging into the dashboard. Alerts can be sent to any/all relevant parties for each location including corporate, regional managers, supervisors, etc.


API and Integrated, Single Sign-on Access

Integrate Chatmeter’s analytics either via our API or simply iframe our dashboard into an existing one. We even support single sign-on functionality for your users.

Daily Email Deliveries

Receive daily email alerts when you have a new review or content that requires your attention.

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