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Utilize our vast industry knowledge to the fullest! This section is all about diving deeper into specific topics to learn the ins and outs of everything local SEO. Our industry renowned reports and articles all have one goal: to teach you how to drive more traffic into your stores and increase revenue. 

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How to Survive the Amazon Takeover with Local SEO

Learn how brick-and-mortar retailers are fighting back against online retailing and how to leverage both online and offline strategies to boost store traffic and revenue.

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What is Review Solicitation and What Does it Mean for Local SEO?

Are you putting your rankings at risk? Learn what constitutes review solicitation, how to avoid it, and how review solicitation negatively influences local businesses as a whole.

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2018 Retail Reputation Insights Report

Chatmeter conducted a study to uncover who delivered the greatest overall shopping experience and won the holidays as told by customers. We dove head-first into the top retail brands, thousands of their store locations and hundreds of thousands of customer reviews to determine exactly where they succeeded and where they missed the mark.

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How Marketers Must Prepare for the Voice-Connected Consumer

Amazon announced Alexa ads and traditional media is no longer effective. Learn how to optimize your marketing strategies and make your business visible in voice search results.

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The In’s and Out’s of Google

Google Confirms Responding to Reviews Improves Your Local SEO

Google has confirmed that for businesses to improve their local SEO, they need to be taking the time to respond to the reviews left on their GMB pages.

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Optimize for Google Voice Search and Increase Local Search Rankings

Complete local listings are essential with on-the-go searches becoming increasingly more common with Google’s Voice Search.

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Preparing for Google’s Mobile-First Mindset and Local SEO Success

Google sets new precedence with its Mobile-First initiative.

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9 Most Common Ways to Get Banned by Google

Ranking higher in Google’s local search results is a surefire way to drive more customers into your stores. Learn how to keep your local business from getting banned by Google.

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Review Management

How to Increase Store Traffic with Local Search and Reviews

Having quality reviews is a major influencer on your business’s visibility online.

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4 ways to improve your online reputation with Review Management

Effectively managing your online reviews will amplify your local search ranking.

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The Fake News With Fake Reviews

Learn more on how to spot and remove fake reviews.

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How to Improve Customer Experience with Review Management

Customer experience is all about perception. Learn how to transform your business’s online reputation with review management.

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Local Listings Management

DIY Listing Management

Optimize your business listing with our Step-by-Step Listing Management Guide.

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The 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey

This Local Search Ranking Survey impacts how to move forward in Local SEO strategy.

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4 Tips to Optimize Local Listings and Drive In- Store Traffic

Having a complete local listing is the most influencing factor to your visibility in the local search results.

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Closing a Store? Don’t forget your Local Listings

Neglecting to remove a listing for a closed location will negatively affect your customer’s experience.

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Social Media Listening and Publishing

Snapchat’s New Update Creates Huge Possibilities for Local SEO

SnapChat’s Snap Map creates a new opportunity for local SEO strategy.

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The Rise of Social Local Search | Updates on Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook

Recent updates on Social Media platforms offer local businesses an opportunity to increase local visibility and online presence.

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The Launch of Facebook Local Search is Here!

Facebook Local is the first integration between search and social that enables its users to locate nearby events and locations.

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How to Enhance the Customer Journey with Social Media Management

Utilizing social media channels effectively can result in customers choosing your business over your competitors.

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