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Last year, 19.1 million people turned to voice search for healthcare-related questions. Healthcare use cases for voice assistants are still relatively new but the adoption is growing quickly and sites like Yelp and Google are at the forefront of delivering local voice search results.  Healthcare brands are always looking to improve the patient experience, while increasing patient acquisition, engagement, and retention. This is hard enough on its own, but add a pandemic to the mix, and it becomes clear that understanding how voice search plays a role in healthcare is absolutely vital. Join Chatmeter’s Head of Healthcare, Giselle Bardwell and Yelp’s Senior Enterprise Account Director, Caroline Hulbert as they discuss Voice Engine Optimization (VEO) best practices for healthcare services. 

Join this webinar to uncover:

  • The growth of voice search adoption in healthcare.
  • The ‘Patient Intent’ when using voice search.
  • How COVID-19 is changing the landscape of local search.
  • Yelp and the importance of voice search during COVID-19
  • How to build a VEO strategy centered around patient acquisition. [FREE CHECKLIST]