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Customer ratings and reviews have become a critical brand marketing tool. In fact, 88% of consumers now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 95% say that online reviews influence their buying decisions.

But how do you turn customer reviews into customer insights? And how can you apply those insights to your overall marketing strategy to improve reputation and create a compelling customer experience that builds brand loyalty?

Join our data science and review management experts as they show you how to identify and use customer sentiment at scale to make improvements to both the in-store and online experience. You’ll hear the latest trends in artificial intelligence (AI) and how sentiment analysis tools can help you respond to customer needs in a more targeted, personalized way.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • Techniques to leverage long-tail reviews into search best practices.
  • Tips to analyze review sentiment at scale in order to identify in-store concerns at the national or local level.
  • How AI can evaluate review phrases, words and sentiment to improve marketing effectiveness.


Trent Brock, Community Development Marketing Specialist – PODS Enterprises

Sridhar Nagarajan, VP of Product – Chatmeter