Chatmeter’s Yelp Knowledge Partnership

Chatmeter is a preferred Yelp Knowledge Partner that ensures all of our clients have full access to monitor, measure, and respond to their Yelp reviews. This is one of many established partnerships that Chatmeter has that provides our clients with peace of mind knowing they are working with a leader in the industry.
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Did you know?

  • Yelp is cracking down on black hat review management platforms (much like Google)
  • Yelp will be implementing a ranking change very soon and demoting businesses working with black hat providers
  • Yelp is implementing customer warning labels on Yelp business locations pages for those violating their terms (Image to your left)

Utilize Our Yelp Partnership

  • Did you know that 99% of Yelp reviews contain insightful operational feedback vs 35% on Google and 40% on Facebook?
  • Chatmeter is an exclusive Yelp Knowledge Partner to ensure that all of our customers continue to legitimately have access to their Yelp reviews and listings.
  • Avoid losing visibility of your Yelp reviews using “black hat” review monitoring companies. Choose Chatmeter… the #1 trusted and authorized reputation management and Local SEO platform for almost a decade.

The All-In-One Reputation and Local SEO Platform

Review Management

  • Our dashboard allows you to easily monitor and respond to reviews found on over 40 local search and review sites, all in one convenient location.
  • Receive customized daily email alerts when you have a new review or new content pertinent to your brand.
  • Spy on competitors, see how you compare, and learn from the leaders in your area.

Local Listings Management

  • Maintain your correct store hours, images, address, phone #, website, etc., with built-in local listing management tools that are designed to simplify updates, changes, and store closings/openings
  • Ensuring that all your locations’ listings are visible, accurate, and unique is a good start. Chatmeter helps you lead the “pack” with powerful tools for optimizing all the related information as well.

Social Media Listening and Publishing

  • Highly targeted social insight with geo-fenced proximity searching. Geofencing gathers the customers’ location data and allows a user to filter their listening around a custom “fenced” proximity. This can include your neighborhood, city, county, state, region, country, or even the world. Pinpoint brand mentions down to the location, even when a location is not mentioned in their post.
  • Hashtag Metrics and Trend Analysis brings you deeper insights into your customers and your social campaigns. What’s trending? Are your promotions going viral? Have your customers created their own #’s related to your brand?
  • Bulk publishing to all, some, or one of your social media pages. Post regional promotions or cascade to all.

Local SEO Rank Tracking

  • Chatmeter is the only Yelp Knowledge Partner that pulls all your local results together in one accessible place. A single glance at the Chatmeter local rank checker shows how all your locations are doing in terms of both web and map-¬≠based results.
  • Easily see how locations are performing at the many directory sites, mobile apps, and other outlets that consumers rely so much on today. With one glance, quickly compare your locations against competitors to know exactly where you need to implement changes and improvements.

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