Zomato May have Just Stole the Restaurant Local SEO Market with One Purchase…


As of January 2015, Zomato acquired Urbanspoon for a reported $50-60 million. You may ask, who is Zomato?  How can they easily buy out an online monster in the world of Restaurant Local Search?  Zomato is actually the largest Restaurant Review Site in the world, even more popular than Yelp in every country except the US (we’re actually late adopters for once). The acquisition was the first US venture for the New Delhi based company, spreading its platform to 22 Countries, boosting its restaurant listings from 330,000 to 1 Million. So popular, that Chatmeter has decided to add the Review/Search Site to it’s list of provider partners and display all information within our platform.

Zomato Screen Shot

Urbanspoon Integration

This Local Discovery Platform is different than its competitors in the way information is collected; through user reviews and Zomato employee content curation. By combining the best of Zomato and Urbanspoon, more complete restaurant listings are created, which boasts great power in a world where correct and consistent listings are critical. Zomato ensured to establish a process for integrating the Ratings and Reviews from Urbanspoon. Urbanspoon’s “Like/Dislike” ratings, have been translated to “Positive/Negative.” Also, Urbanspoon percentage scores were converted to Zomato’s 5-point scale. In an effort to base reviews on the user’s most recent experience, Zomato allows only one user review per restaurant and merged multiple user reviews per restaurant into one.

The app is available to be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows phones, and now includes improvements from user provided feedback since the two platforms combined forces, culminating to the user experience we describe below.

 Zomato2 IMG_8208 IMG_8209

Profile Section

At any time users can Check-in, Write a Review, or Upload a restaurant photo via the + button. The photos and reviews are then pushed to the Dineline, which is very reminiscent of a Facebook chronological timeline and shows a user their Foodie Level. Users can view their profile stats, such as total views for their Reviews and Photos. This creates a gaming feel, with reviews earning users 25 points, and photos 2 points each. This really brings a competitive edge to the platform that will keep users engaged, while enticing them to “Earn your way to glory!”

Search1 IMG_8200 IMG_8201

Restaurants Section

When accessing the Search feature, a local map is brought into view which allows for filtration by Breakfast, Delivery etc. As shown above, the map displays dropped pins which include 2 numbers- the amount of restaurants at that location and- the rating of the restaurant with the highest rating of all locations at that specific pin. The map is interactive, allowing users to “Draw” a certain area which will show further dining options. Browse Collections to find spots similar to each other, such as “Kickass Burgers” and “Beach Clubs.” These collections have been curated by Zomato employees and display sleek featured photos. A user favorite is the upper right arrow which allows sharing of the Collection, even with people who don’t have a Zomato account. The Food Feed is an Instagram enthusiasts dream! “Local Feed” shows current nearby photos, and “My Feed” displays photos from Zomato friends. This is a great way to find active local users to follow.

How will Zomato affect My Business?
Considering how user friendly, sleek and incentivized Zomato has become, many users will be utilizing this platform, which already incurs 90 Million monthly visits. Zomato also manages online orders, table reservations, contacting an Uber, payment cards, and more. It’s becoming more powerful and valuable to the Customer and Restaurant Owner alike. If your restaurant currently doesn’t have a listing, make sure to “Add a Place” and include as much information as possible.


Chatmeter is on the forefront of aggregating Zomato information, which easily consolidates all of the User Reviews and Rankings into a seamless dashboard. Contact us today to see how you’re rating on Zomato and many other local search sites.