Why Google Posts are Essential to your SEO and VEO Strategy


Google Posts SEO & VEO


When Google Posts first launched in 2016, it didn’t gain much traction, in fact, most of us thought Google would do away with it by the end of the year. Now, 2 years later, Google Posts is headed towards becoming one of the most important pieces of your SEO, VEO, and overall content strategy.


What are Google Posts?

Google Posts are short 100 – 300 word posts accompanied by a photo or video. The intention of these free posts is to highlight sales, promotions, or events for your local store. These posts (with an exception of events) expire after 7 days, forcing businesses to continuously post fresh content.


A user can view posts from the overview of your Google My Business (GMB) Listing. You can scroll left to right up to ten posts, or you can go to the “posts” tab of the GMB listing to view all posts. Complete with Call To Action (CTA) options and (just announced) insights for each post, Google Posts give businesses an entirely new way to share content with their local customers.




Do Google Posts Help SEO


Google my business posts are a great way to improve your overall SEO strategy. By posting to Google it can help you generate more organic clicks. Google posts come with CTA buttons which will encourage users to take action off the post.


Google Posts

Source: Google


Here’s how posts can help increase your SEO efforts:


  1. Organic clicks on CTA buttons in return will build up your page rankings.
  2. You can also increase traffic to other forms of content on your site.
  3. Link a post to a form to collect user information and increase traffic long-term to areas of your site like your blog.


Keeping posts updated with fresh content will help bring users back to your website time and time again. When people interact with your listing more it can increase your rankings through “Behavioral Signals”, one of 8 key Google local search ranking factors. A high click-through rate, from your GMB listing to your website, is considered a behavioral signal.


Find out if you're prepared for Voice Search


Do Google Posts Help VEO


By 2020, 50% of searches will be done by voice, you can’t forget to include Google Posts in your Voice Engine Optimization strategy. Voice search is 3x more likely to be conducted on mobile than any other device. In mobile voice searches, you’re given the option to view the top listing results (1 – 3 results, depending on device). By adding great visual content through posts to your listings, it will be easier for potential customers to choose your business over a competitor.


For smart speakers, Google takes up 26.9% of the market share. This is pretty impressive considering they jumped up 7.6% from last year despite increased competition. Not to mention, Google Assistant has the highest percentage of correctly answered questions according to a 2018 study by Stone Temple in which they rated voice assistants. Google’s ability to outperform competitors and its increasing market share makes it one of the most important voice assistants on the market. Because of this, it’s essential you fully optimize your GMB listings as they power a good amount of voice search results.



Google Posts Google Posts

2017 vs. 2018 Smart Speaker Market Share


Google Assistants are currently able to provide business information found in the Knowledge Graph: phone number, address, and business hours. With Google’s debut of “Speakable” markup (currently in BETA), it shouldn’t be long before we see Google’s ability to provide information found in posts. Get ahead of the voice search revolution and start taking advantage of Google Posts now.


Any successful Local SEO strategy needs to include current and relevant content. Utilizing Google Posts to bring attention to your GMB listings is a great way to deliver location-specific content to the right audience. Before you can start posting to your GMB listing, you need to claim, clean and optimize your listings. For more information on how to do that for a large multi-location enterprise schedule a demo with us!



Are you using Google posts yet? We’d love to hear how they’re impacting your business, comment below!