Achieve Local SEO Supremacy through Facebook Locations

With over 1.7 billion active users, Facebook has now become the go-to for consumer reviews and yet tons of brands have no idea that they have all these store pages with customer reviews on them!  In this article, Chatmeter will break down how Facebook has been impacting all businesses in North America and the most efficient way to leverage your store pages to drive customers into your stores and increase revenue.

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The Future of Local Search is Facebook…Don’t Be Left Out!

Over the past year, Facebook has exploded into several new offerings. They quickly developed themselves into one of the largest online advertisers and surprised the world by creating their own local search engine. Based on the opinions of experts in this area of focus, Facebook has a chance to succeed where Google+ failed - by creating the smartest online local search platform. From their continually expanding user base, to their content sharing interface and immense demographic storage, Facebook has set themselves up to take the local search industry by storm.

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Instagram entering local search via new business pages

Instagram is adding new features to its platform, making business profiles more competitive in the world of Local Search and SEO. They are in the process of building specific features for businesses- similar to Facebook’s brand pages. A contact button, linkable location tag and a category will be some of the main features distinguishing business profiles from personal ones. This is currently in beta to select features, but here are some details we’ve discovered about the up and coming release.

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Get Ready – Facebook Testing a Real Local Search Site!

With Facebook adding starred reviews at the end of 2013 and partnerting with Factual recently to include millions of more store pages, we knew a local search portal was not far away.  Although it has been live for close to a month, Facebook has yet to promote their  new local search engine (https://www.facebook.com/services/) to the mass public. While this first beta version is available on desktops, it has yet to take the jump to mobile devices. Its features and UI are strikingly similar to other local search giants like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google… and has even been hyped the “Yelp Killer” by a few online articles.

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Has Pinterest Just Become a Notable Player in the Realm of Local SEO?

Pinterest just added location data to its current Place Pin service feature, with listings and reviews powered by Foursquare. With their extensive reach, this just became another key site for your business to monitor. As they continue to enhance their Place Pins with valuable and accurate business information, Pinterest gains momentum as a social media site that can drive awareness and traffic to your stores in the complex world of local search.

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Facebook Chooses Factual For Its Local Search Data

In recent years Facebook has transformed from a widely popular social media site to a platform integral for many businesses’ and brands’ success. According to a study done by Kendall College, 58% of consumers who plan to buy products in store visit businesses’ Facebook pages before purchasing. Clearly, people no longer only use Facebook as a means to connecting with their friends and as a virtual photo album. Facebook has evolved into an integrated local search platform where customers can seek out local businesses (and their contact info), read branded messages, and discuss their experience via stared reviews (we’ve even seen them automatically adding menu pages, and hours of operation… sounds like Yelp, right?).

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