How to Adapt Your Social Media Strategy During COVID-19

The continuously evolving situation surrounding COVID-19 has made it difficult for brands to communicate in the right way with consumers on social media. Having a social media strategy tailored to COVID-19 can make an impactful difference in connecting with your customers during this time, since many consumers are turning to social media as their first stop for information.

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5 Ways to Win Over Customers with Localized Content

Customers want to connect with businesses that not only offer high-quality products and services but more importantly can present themselves as a convenient option. As we continue to live in an increasingly hyper-local world, brands need to create a strong local content strategy if they want to take their brand’s exposure to the next level. It should be every brand’s goal to connect with local consumers who are in each region of their store-front location.

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Google Q&A Best Practices

Consumers are asking questions, is your business answering? 2 years ago, Google My Business (GMB) launched a public-facing Questions and Answers feature to the GMB Profiles and since then consumers have asked and answered millions of questions. Don’t let uninformed consumers take control of your brand’s reputation, here are our best practices for managing Google Q&A.

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5 Reasons Brands Need to Rethink Their Social Media Strategy for 2020

Since the creation of Facebook in 2004, social media has grown to over 3.25 billion users across the globe. However, in the United States, this past year marks the first year since the creation of social media that we’ve seen stagnant growth in user adoption. For brands that rely on social media marketing to reach their customers, now may be a good time to take a step back and reassess your approach to social media.

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5 Reasons to Create Instagram Business Accounts For Multiple Store Locations

There are over 1 billion users on Instagram and 200 million of them are using the app to visit a brand’s page at least once a day. So why are brands sending all their users to a single brand Instagram account? Setting up local Instagram business accounts for each store can provide more benefits than a brand may realize and here’s why.

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5 Reasons Why Including Social in Your Local SEO Strategy Drives Revenue

In a recent study, 41% of companies said they had no idea whether or not their social media efforts were actually paying off. When it's difficult to see or attribute the immediate return social media has, it could be hard to justify its importance. However, make no mistake, social media has become a major element in the marketing and local search industry; especially, when 97% of adults between the ages 16-64 say they logged onto at least one social media platform in the past month. Even brick-and-mortar business need to go where the customers are and that means being on social media.

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