9 Violations that Allow Businesses to Remove Negative Google Reviews

Posted By Rachel Larsen

Remove Negative Reviews

31% of customers will spend more money when a business has excellent reviews, while 86% of them will refuse to buy a product or service from you if your local listings have negative reviews. Not only will reviews have a direct impact on how much your customers spend, but with 93% of them reading reviews to determine if a business is good or bad, they can be the influencing factor as to whether or not customers choose your business.

Google Joins Chatmeter in the Mission to Ensure Review Legitimacy

Posted By Brandon Martinez

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After Yelp announced it’s new review solicitation penalty in November, companies are now talking about the pros and cons of inorganic review creation and the risks it puts on the local search industry as a whole. The act of asking for reviews has raised many questions about who is policing the review industry and actively stopping companies from “gaming” the system or offering customers incentives for leaving positive reviews.  Google has joined the governing force, Yelp, Chatmeter, and many others by updating their policies to ensure review legitimacy on their search directories, platforms, partners, and customers globally.

Google Joins the Fight Against Review Solicitation

Posted By Brandon Martinez


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In Q4 of 2017, 25% of Google’s business reviews had no actual review content and only gave a star rating. Contrast that with Yelp, in which 99% of reviews had valuable content longer than 50 characters. While Google tops the leaderboard in terms of the sheer number of reviews collected, the quality of those reviews has been a cause for concern as of late.

Fast-Track Your Healthcare Business Past Competitors By Properly Managing Your Reviews

Posted By Collin Holmes


SAN DIEGO, CA – October 24, 2017 – As seen on Health IT Outcomes

Sixty-two percent of patients consider online reviews important or very important when making a choice in the healthcare sector. Reviews are extremely influential when you consider that each time a patient decides to come to your office, they read your reviews before making their decision. Now that the internet is becoming such an important place for acquiring clients in the healthcare sector, physicians need to understand what practices they can and cannot use when interacting with current and potential patients over the internet. Make sure you aren’t caught in the dark by understanding what the best practices are for interacting with patients online.

How to Improve Customer Experience with Review Management

Posted By Brandon Martinez

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The term “Customer Experience” gets thrown around a lot these days. Improving it is seen as a competitive differentiator and it has even become the number one priority for a number of businesses. The only problem is, many businesses lack the information needed to understand what changes are actually going to make the experience better for their customers.

The Latest In Local SEO and Review Management – What a Crazy Month! 

Posted By Brandon Martinez

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Every week we hear a new story about the latest Google update, the newest industry study or the next big trend in consumer search habits. With hundreds of new stories being released every week it is tough to keep up with all of the important changes and happenings in the local SEO and Reputation Management industries.

How to Increase Store Traffic with Local Search and Reviews

Posted By Brandon Martinez


We know that reviews have become a driving factor in all sorts of industries. Customers are using reviews when purchasing products online, patients are reviewing medical care providers, and restaurant goers are using reviews to let others know how good the food really was. Businesses know people are writing reviews and others are reading them, but for a brick and mortar business, can online reviews really influence the amount of physical traffic your store receives?