How to Manage Several Teams Remotely

Since COVID-19, the day-to-day work environment looks largely different for many people today. Currently, over half of all businesses globally offer some capacity for remote work. As employee preferences toward remote work and the number of remote jobs continue to increase, companies need to create a remote-first management strategy that lends itself to success.

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If Schitt’s Creek Characters Responded to Reviews

If you’re like us here at Chatmeter, you’ve probably binged a lot of shows this year. One of the shows we were sad to see end this year is Schitt’s Creek. The characters of Schitt’s Creek not only provided us with hilarious comedic relief, but they also taught us a thing or two about owning a business. This got us thinking, how would Schitt’s Creek characters respond to online reviews?

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How To Remove Negative Online Reviews (Real Advice Based on Real Experiences)

There’s no guaranteed method for getting fraudulent negative reviews removed since it’s dependent on factors like the review site’s policies, the content in the review, and more. However, as long-time experts in the world of reviews, Chatmeter has seen some different approaches that have proven to be successful. 

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What is Brand Reputation Management?

In today’s world, your brand’s reputation is everything. Your business may have great products and services, but consumers won’t deem you worthy if you don’t have a great reputation behind it. Managing your brand’s reputation requires listening and responding to customer feedback through reviews and social media. This blog will give you an overall strategy and best practices to manage your brand’s reputation.

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4 Lessons From PULSE 2020, Chatmeter’s First Virtual Event

PULSE 2020 provided a special opportunity for the Chatmeter team, industry leaders, and our partners to come together for four days of innovative insights and discussion. Through a series of 19 sessions, including roundtable discussions, keynote sessions, and product demos; our attendees were able to take away and implement strategic lessons from the event.

Four Customer-Centric Reputation Recovery Strategies Every Restaurant Should Know

The hospitality industry is defined by its focus on customer relationships. For restaurants, good reputations have been won and lost over how well restaurant brands take care of their regulars and welcome first timers. With the advent of COVID-19, though, the entire restaurant industry has taken a reputation hit as health concerns remain top-of-mind for consumers. Existing trust in restaurant brands is being weighed against other more low-risk experiences.

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5 Tips to Make Responding to Reviews a Breeze

One of the top ways in which a consumer decides if they want to purchase from a brand is through reviews. In fact, 84% of shoppers read online reviews to help form an opinion about a business. How you choose to respond reflects greatly on your business and can either create a repeat customer or turn a potential customer away. Here are five ways your business can optimize your review responding strategy to generate more traffic, build your online presence, and increase revenue.

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