To Brand or Not to Brand… What is Best for Your Search Rankings?

Posted By Stephanie Domingue

At Chatmeter, we work with some of the largest brands in the country and we often come across this misconception from many CMOs. We spend millions of dollars developing our brand…and driving brand recognition so that everybody knows who we are. When people are searching for the service we offer…they just search for our brand name….

Google Continues Their Increased Focus on Mobile Users with Newly Updated Local SEO Ranking Factors

Posted By Brandon Martinez


It’s a mobile world and Google is leading the way in catering to their mobile users. Similar to the way businesses continue to focus on improving customer experience, Google has committed to enhancing its users experience. Constantly working to make their search tools even more powerful and user friendly-specifically for mobile devices-has been a core goal behind many of Google’s recent updates. As google continues to prioritize mobile friendly sites, it is important to be aware of just how crucial having a responsive website is, and how these mobile-friendly updates will affect your local search rankings. The only way to know where your locations rank for the keywords that bring you more money is using a reliable and accurate Local SEO Rank Tracker.

The age ol’question: How does Yelp rank businesses?

Posted By Rachel Larsen

This is a great question and we all have pondered the answer. At times, we all have had some idea about how Yelp actually ranks busineses, from the amount and quality of reviews that a business has, to the categories that the businessis listed under and even to the relevance of keywords in reviews. These are all very common but we all know that there is more to it. The article Yelp Ranking Fators really divesin to some of the other factors Yelp appears to use to determine how a business is ranked.

Understanding the Most Important Local Search Ranking Factors

Posted By Rachel Larsen

According to local search marketing experts like David Mihm, there are dozens of factors that effect local search rankings. For many small business owners, this may sound overwhelming.  Don’t fret.  We’ve outlined the most important factors that determine your local search rankings in the Google 7-pack, Yahoo’s local business listings, and Bing’s local business listings. The Most Important Local Search Ranking Factors:

How to improve rankings on google maps; Top 10 tips for Local SEO

Posted By Rachel Larsen

Small business owners we talk to love to embrace the do-it-yourself attitude, so we thought it would be a good post to present the basics for do-it-yourself online marketing for local businesses.  We often here: “Why should I pay someone if I can do it myself?”  Of course, that’s usually if we had all the time in the world.  Unfortunately, Local SEO can become time consuming very quickly, especially due to the complexity of the fragmented local search market.  However, it is possible for owners to work on a little bit each month to improve their rankings on Google Maps for Local SEO, or improve their Yelp profile (Online Reputation Management) to reach new traffic, or add fresh content or a blog to their website (Search Engine Optimization) in order to improve their Google Search Rankings.  Part of the do-it-yourself marketing strategy is to prioritize your efforts based on what you’re trying to achieve and the amount of work that goes into each effort.  Many of our customers seem to ask a lot of the same questions, so we wanted to put together this list and prioritize it for those that are just getting started. Local SEO in the context of this article is the activity of updating your company’s business listings  and content (on both local search sites and your website) in order to improve your rankings on sites like Google Maps, Yelp, and other local sites and search engines.  After you have mastered, Local SEO, then you can start tackling Social Media Optimization (SMO), but that’s for another time.  Here we go, hope you’ve had your coffee today!