Chatmeter CEO speaking about Entrepreneurship and Giving Back to his Alma Mater

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Chatmeter started off as a realization that customer reviews were going to have a huge impact on decision making for consumers looking for local products and services. However, there was no way to manage this huge influx of reviews in the fragmented world of local search. Collin Holmes, Founder and CEO, set out in late 2009 to build the very first mobile local search platform aimed to help marketers, agencies, and local businesses improve their online presence and reputation.

How to Sell When You Don’t Have Any Customers: 5 Tips From a Sales Expert

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Chatmeter’s VP of Sales, Dorian Chase, led a panel of experts and shared his expert opinion in the session “How to Sell When You Don’t Have Any Customers” to over 300 businesses at San Diego Startup Week. San Diego has quickly become a hot spot for startup businesses recently and San Diego Startup is labeling the city as “The Next Silicon Valley”. SDSW is an exciting time for entrepreneurs to network, share progress, resources and knowledge. For those of you not lucky enough to attend this event, we have laid out his key steps for you below.

Chatmeter Disrupts Billion Dollar MYSTERY SHOPPING Industry with FohBoh

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SAN JOSE , CA , August 17, 2011. FohBoh, Inc. ( announced today the release of FOHBuzz SnapShot®, the first Social CRM reporting tool that promises to make restaurant operators smarter and more successful using real-time, guest satisfaction analysis on-demand. FOHBuzz SnapShot takes aim directly at the billion dollar mystery shopping industry to help both chain and independent restaurateurs access real-time “crowd-sourced” reviews and opinions to better manage guest satisfaction, gauge social media marketing efforts while building loyalty and manage their online reputations.

“For the first time, restaurants will be able to order up a report, tap into customer sentiment in near real-time, to learn (a) what their customers think and say about them for any single restaurant location; and (b) learn how effective their local social media marketing efforts are working, represented by the FOHBuzz Score” said Emerald Reilly, Senior Social Media Analyst and Product Manager at FohBoh. FOHBuzz SnapShot can be accessed exclusively through the restaurant community and is only available to registered members for just $25 per report beginning August 15, 2011.

1 in 4 People Searching Yelp are Doing So from their Mobile Phone

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I was surprised at first when I read this, but given the proliferation of Smartphones, it’s actually not that hard to believe. Even my 64 year old father uses a Blackberry and my 10 year old nephew has an Iphone.  Yelp has become the trusted go-to resource for anyone searching for local businesses. In June 2010, Yelp announced that every 5 seconds, someone uses their mobile phone app to call a local business.  During the month of May, Yelp for iPhone had over 1.4 million visitors.