Prepare for the Holidays with this Local SEO Checklist

The holidays have historically been a time for large crowds to shop in-store. However as we all know, the 2020 holiday shopping experience will be vastly different this year due to COVID-19. The pandemic has created a shift towards online shopping for consumers, so it’s vital for brands to prepare with a solid local SEO strategy to reach 2020 holiday shoppers. This guide will give you several essential local SEO strategies to maximize your reach to consumers in the 2020 holiday season.

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Local Search Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

Having an optimized online presence with local SEO will continue to rise in importance for brands looking to get ahead and achieve post-pandemic success. Throughout this entire year, Chatmeter has remained vigilant in uncovering local search trends for 2021 and the future. Keep reading to find out our top local search predictions for the next year and beyond.

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4 Lessons From PULSE 2020, Chatmeter’s First Virtual Event

PULSE 2020 provided a special opportunity for the Chatmeter team, industry leaders, and our partners to come together for four days of innovative insights and discussion. Through a series of 19 sessions, including roundtable discussions, keynote sessions, and product demos; our attendees were able to take away and implement strategic lessons from the event.

Local SEO in 2020: Google, The “New Homepage”

If there’s anything SEO and Marketing professionals have learned from the pandemic, it’s that Google truly is the “new homepage”. With the rise of zero-click searches, many consumers don’t go beyond the Google search engine results pages (SERP) to find out local business information. This is why in a time when much is unknown, it’s vital that brands take control of their online presence before consumers even reach their website. 

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Why Local SEO is the Secret to Driving In-Store Traffic when Re-Opening

As businesses look to an entirely new set of strategies to guide them through re-opening, one thing remains clear: local SEO will be the key driving force behind maximizing in-store traffic in this time. The consequences from the pandemic have created new behaviors among consumers, with an astounding 50% increase in internet traffic as people continue to spend more time online. This increase in time spent online led to an additional spike in online purchases, highlighting that consumers still had strong buyer intent prior to reopening.

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Navigating the Future of Healthcare Marketing with Local SEO

Healthcare marketing teams are still scrambling to shift and redefine their marketing strategies. ‘Marketing as usual’ is no longer an option as everything from strategy to messaging and timing of tactical execution needs to change to work within a new normal. Maximizing patient acquisition has to be different as well, since we’ve been telling people to stay away from medical facilities for several weeks. Now we must ACTIVATE patients and show them it is safe to come back. Mindful messaging around availability of services, safety precautions and virtual care options, along with an optimized local and voice search strategy, will make a big difference in your ability to increase patient volumes in a post-COVID world.

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Local SEO: Simple Ways to Dominate Local Search

Businesses must continuously optimize their local SEO strategy if they want to be found online. When consumers are searching for businesses, they rarely click past the first page of search results. An optimized local SEO strategy will give your brand the ability to land on page-1 of the SERP and bring more customers to your business. Here are some simple local SEO tactics your business can use to improve search rankings and outrank competitors.

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