Building a Custom Local SEO Performance Evaluation

Posted By Alex Ross

Local SEO

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin


The local search landscape is constantly evolving with the release of new features and changes in consumer behavior. Even Google regularly changes their search algorithm based on new ranking factors over time. In order to survive, businesses need to adapt to these changes and continue to provide accurate and relevant benchmarking in order to evaluate their Local SEO success.

The Enterprise Local SEO Toolkit

Posted By Rachel Larsen


Did you know that 50% of customers who do a local search on their mobile phone visit a store within 24 hours? Optimizing for these types of searches, “local SEO”, ensures that your store is the one they are visiting.

Since success in the local search results comes down to how your locations perform in their hyperlocal markets, it is important to have a solid local SEO strategy in place. However, if you’re marketing for big brands with hundreds or thousands of locations, it can be challenging to develop a strategy that ensures each one of your locations is being fully optimized.

Chatmeter Joins the Top Ranks of Companies with a “World Class” NPS

Posted By Rachel Larsen

  Customers aren’t looking to buy happiness when purchasing software. Customers are looking for solutions that deliver results. That’s why at Chatmeter, from the very first conversation during Onboarding we’re focused on establishing what “success” looks like for each individual customer and building out a mutual plan to...

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Waze Local: The First Look at Google Maps Advertising?

Posted By Rachel Larsen


Currently, over 41% of internet users worldwide use Google Maps services, rounding out to well over 1 billion monthly users. With so much search traffic and activity, it’s a shock that Google has yet to monetize this core search property. To this date, Google Maps has remained largely unencumbered by search advertisements.

Was the acquisition of Waze their key to unlocking and building out what could be one of the most successful and profitable search monetizations strategies in the history of Google?

Which Online Source Drives More In-Store Traffic: Google My Business vs. Websites

Posted By Rachel Larsen

Google M

By now, many brick-and-mortar businesses are aware that online sources have become a powerful driver of in-store traffic. The question that many businesses have yet to answer is: Which online source specifically is driving the greatest number of customers through their doors. Today’s Online to Offline traffic showdown: Google My Business vs. Websites. 

Enterprise Local SEO: How Big Brands Compete on a Local Level

Posted By Brandon Martinez

Enterprise Local SEO

55% of consumers choose to shop local rather than with large chains simply because they “love supporting local businesses”.

Enterprises vs. SMB’s: this is the unsung story about enterprise and multi-location businesses that no one is talking about; enterprises are losing ground against the boutiques, mom-and-pops and local retailers as more and more customers hop on the “Buy Local” bandwagon.