Google My Business Still Facing Delays as Businesses Reopen

As businesses start to reopen, it’s important to understand that you may still experience limited Google My Business (GMB) functionality. When the outbreak of COVID-19 occurred, Google implemented changes that would impact businesses. With a limited staff, Google announced they would prioritize listings, updates, and support for critical businesses throughout the pandemic. All other non-critical businesses may experience delays in changes and updates to their business listings.

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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Clear, Quick and Accurate Location Data Can Save Lives

Healthcare technology, health consumer needs, and expectations evolve rapidly, and the quality of your online presence has the ability to directly impact the well-being of individual patients. Add a pandemic to the mix, and it’s easy to see how the information published by a healthcare organization, has the ability to directly affect the health of an entire community.

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How to Update Your Business Hours on Google, Facebook, and Yelp

It’s imperative for your brand to inform customers of your operating business hours during this uncertain time. It's more important than ever that you're providing customers with accurate business information before they leave their homes. We’ve included simple steps to easily update your special hours on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

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Best Business Directories to List Your Business in 2020

Nowadays, listing your business in just one or two places doesn’t cut it. “Near me” searches have increased more than 500% in the past few years. The more top quality directories your business is listed on, the more backlinks and exposure you’ll receive. Below is a list of business directory listings to maximize your online visibility, and improve your local rankings.

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The Anatomy of a Local Business Listing

Today, 89% of people search for a local business on their phone at least once a week. 76% of those people will visit that business within 24 hours. Because so much offline traffic is coming from people conducting online searches, your listing accuracy and presence are vital to the success of your business. Here is everything a brand needs to include in their online business listings.

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From Q&A to Suggested Edits, Why GMB is the CMO’s New Nightmare for Brand Consistency

The number of features being added to GMB profiles is turning into a CMO’s nightmare. Why? Many of these features are threatening brand consistency by encouraging user-generated content. The last thing any marketer wants is the spread of inaccurate information about their brand, unfortunately, some of these GMB features are posing a threat that many brand’s don’t know how to protect against. Here’s a look at why brand’s need to have a strategy in place for safeguarding the integrity of their GMB listings.

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4 Marketing To Do’s When Opening A New Business Location

Brick and mortar stores are not dead. In fact, we’re hearing from a few of our partners their in-store foot traffic is doing so well that they’re looking to expand. If you’re one of the many brands looking to add additional locations this year, there are a few ways you can build up your local SEO presence before your storefronts even open.

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