What Does a Seamless Omnichannel Experience Look Like in 2020?

The COVID-19 has dramatically shaped consumer behaviors and as a result, brands must quickly adapt if they want to survive post pandemic. As businesses reopen, one thing remains clear: an omnichannel experience will remain key in preparing every brand to be successful during this time. An optimized omnichannel strategy will give brands the ability to adapt to consumers’ changing expectations by enabling a seamless customer care experience from search to post-purchase on all touchpoints.

Improving Patient Volumes During and Post COVID-19

The sudden challenges and changes brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic has many people wondering what’s next for healthcare and how the industry will survive. Non-COVID patient volumes have been decimated due to everyone given orders to stay away from hospitals. Lockdown orders brought treatment for non-urgent and elective procedure visits to a screeching halt. The need to drive patient volume to recoup lost revenues will be paramount for many organizations to survive. Now we’re ready to discuss how healthcare organizations can adapt to the new era of healthcare, along with maximizing patient acquisition and retention in the future.

5 Things to Do Before Reopening Your Business

Depending on where you are in the country, the coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone differently. If your brand is on the way to reopening your storefront business, it’s important to take the right steps before you open your doors. First and foremost,  businesses must follow all CDC guidelines to ensure a safe environment for employees and customers. Once you’ve taken these extra measures and are ready to open, it’s important for brands to think about how to recoup for lost revenue and business during this time. An optimized local SEO and reputation management strategy can give consumers the confidence to visit your business.

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Google My Business Insights Explained

One of the best tools that come with a Google My Business (GMB) listing is Insights. GMB Insights give you a behind the scenes look at how your customers interact with your GMB listings. There is a vast amount of data to be found within Insights, here’s a look at what the data means, how you can use it, and the limitations that come with GMB Insights.

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10 Brands Who Are Spreading Inspiration During COVID-19

In the midst of all the news surrounding coronavirus, it’s important to remember that there are many heartwarming stories, positive moments, and collaborative solutions coming out of these challenging times. Chatmeter has been working diligently with our clients to ensure that they will come out of this situation stronger than ever. Take a moment to read these inspirational stories from our clients who are creatively overcoming challenges from COVID-19. 

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UPDATE: Google Reviews are Back

Businesses have had to adapt to many changes in recent weeks due to COVID-19. In an effort to mitigate negative and unfair consequences from this situation, on March 20th, Google shut down all new reviews and Google Q&A. However, Google has just announced reviews and Google Q&A are now available. 

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The Local Brand Report: Reputation’s Role In The Grocery Industry

Our latest edition of the Local Brand Report: Reputation’s Role in the Grocery Industry originally took a look at how well grocery brands were prepared to keep up with industry changes and new competition. However, in recent weeks, the grocery industry has found itself on the frontlines of a global pandemic. Many grocery stores reacted to the pandemic in admirable ways, despite facing unprecedented new challenges.

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How Brands Can Keep Their Customers Engaged During Quarantine

If you’re like us, and you’re doing your part to stay healthy and flatten the curve, then you know one thing to be true, quarantine is tough. What day is it? How many times do I really need to clean my closet? Is it possible to watch everything on Netflix? Luckily, as a business, quarantine has given your brand the rare opportunity to keep your customers entertained like never before. Here at Chatmeter, we’ve compiled a list of creative ways brands can keep their customers engaged even when they can’t shop with you. Our list includes ideas for brands in every industry, but feel free to use an idea outside of your space. 

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