Chatmeter’s Local Brand Report: Top Restaurant Brands of 2021

There are 24.9 million searches for “food near me” in the United States each month. Are restaurant brands doing everything they can to be visible online? In Chatmeter’s latest Local Brand Report: Top Restaurant Brands of 2021, Chatmeter analyzed which restaurant brands are doing everything they can to maintain strong online visibility and reputation across all of their locations. 

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A Look Back on 2020 with Chatmeter

Just like everyone else, 2020 went quite differently than Chatmeter had anticipated. The challenges thrown our way also showed us that our company was able to adapt and rise to the occasion in more ways than one. The most gratifying part? Being a part of a company whose product helped businesses stay on top of all these changes with an accurate online presence. Take a look back with us for a timeline of Chatmeter’s highlights and accomplishments throughout the year.

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Meet the Team | Chatmeter’s Client Operations Manager

Chatmeter has one of the best in-class support teams - and the rating to show for it. With an NPS score of 76, it’s clear that a lot of hard work and dedication goes into providing top notch service for our clients every day. The teamwork and hustle it takes to accomplish each task couldn’t be done without the work of Chatmeter’s Client Operations Manager, Jelena Arnold.

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Take Chatmeter Anywhere With The New LocationHQ App

The LocationHQ mobile app gives Chatmeter users access to key features from the Chatmeter dashboard. Users can now monitor their reviews and update their listings no matter where they are. The app is designed to give every user better access and more control over the locations they manage, from business hours to review responding.

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Shifting Revenue Streams & Marketing Strategy in Healthcare During a Pandemic

Hospitals and outpatient clinics are in a unique position right now. While the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on revenue streams, healthcare organizations find themselves sitting under a spotlight. It may feel counterintuitive, but now is the time for healthcare providers to shift marketing into high gear and create novel strategies to right the financial ship. 

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Who is Chatmeter? Get to Know a Product Manager

At Chatmeter, we work hard to make our product the best on the market. From feature enhancements to expanding our product offering, our product team helps to make this all possible. Adding new products and getting them released on-time without major flaws, couldn’t be done without the work of our Product Managers. In today's blog, I sat down with Chatmeter's Ariana Purro to learn a little bit more about what a Product Manager does and how she’s impacted Chatmeter in her time here.

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For the Love of Reviews: The Funniest Reviews of 2019

From Siri going dark to the “Storm Area 51” campaign, we can confidently say that 2019 was quite the year. In addition to these bizarre moments, last year surprised us with some hilariously bad (and good) reviews. As review experts, Chatmeter has seen it all. Therefore, it’s only fitting we bring you a curated list of the funniest reviews of 2019.

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