Crisis Planning: A Checklist for Healthcare Marketers to Adjust Your Scheduled Content

This health crisis and social climate should have affected your content and social media strategy. In fact, you're likely still re-assessing and adjusting your content development plans day-by-day. So you might be asking: Where should we focus our efforts next? And how can we make sure our adjustments will still serve your audience, even in the face of such a rapidly changing environment?  Here are five simple steps you can take to crisis-proof your healthcare content and social media efforts to make sure your messages match current demands.

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Navigating the Future of Healthcare Marketing with Local SEO

Healthcare marketing teams are still scrambling to shift and redefine their marketing strategies. ‘Marketing as usual’ is no longer an option as everything from strategy to messaging and timing of tactical execution needs to change to work within a new normal. Maximizing patient acquisition has to be different as well, since we’ve been telling people to stay away from medical facilities for several weeks. Now we must ACTIVATE patients and show them it is safe to come back. Mindful messaging around availability of services, safety precautions and virtual care options, along with an optimized local and voice search strategy, will make a big difference in your ability to increase patient volumes in a post-COVID world.

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Improving Patient Volumes During and Post COVID-19

The sudden challenges and changes brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic has many people wondering what’s next for healthcare and how the industry will survive. Non-COVID patient volumes have been decimated due to everyone given orders to stay away from hospitals. Lockdown orders brought treatment for non-urgent and elective procedure visits to a screeching halt. The need to drive patient volume to recoup lost revenues will be paramount for many organizations to survive. Now we’re ready to discuss how healthcare organizations can adapt to the new era of healthcare, along with maximizing patient acquisition and retention in the future.

Shifting Revenue Streams & Marketing Strategy in Healthcare During a Pandemic

Hospitals and outpatient clinics are in a unique position right now. While the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on revenue streams, healthcare organizations find themselves sitting under a spotlight. It may feel counterintuitive, but now is the time for healthcare providers to shift marketing into high gear and create novel strategies to right the financial ship. 

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Advice for Healthcare Brand & Communications Teams Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to impact millions of individuals everywhere, it also adds a complication dimension for healthcare brand and communications teams. Healthcare marketing teams need to adjust their current brand & communications strategy to be appropriate in light of the COVID-19 crisis. With COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, healthcare marketing teams need to acknowledge the current situation by using trust and empathy to spread the right message, while establishing their voice as a leader in the community. Here are five key points to help maintain your brand in alignment with this shifting focus.

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