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Use Local SEO to Compete with Amazon this Holiday shopping Season

Posted By Brandon Martinez

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Throughout most of the year, brick-and-mortar retailers reign supreme, capturing about 90% of total sales made in the United States. However, as the holidays roll around, all bets are off. Online super giant, Amazon, continues to grow its authority in the market with Prime memberships now topping over 90 million and consumer surveys predict that shoppers are expected to attribute 51% of their holiday spending to online retailers – which would make it the first time ever to surpass in-store spending.

Fast-Track Your Healthcare Business Past Competitors By Properly Managing Your Reviews

Posted By Collin Holmes


SAN DIEGO, CA – October 24, 2017 – As seen on Health IT Outcomes

Sixty-two percent of patients consider online reviews important or very important when making a choice in the healthcare sector. Reviews are extremely influential when you consider that each time a patient decides to come to your office, they read your reviews before making their decision. Now that the internet is becoming such an important place for acquiring clients in the healthcare sector, physicians need to understand what practices they can and cannot use when interacting with current and potential patients over the internet. Make sure you aren’t caught in the dark by understanding what the best practices are for interacting with patients online.

Fortune 500 Marketers Weigh in on Local SEO and More Top Tech Solutions for Retailers

Posted By Brandon Martinez

Retail Tech Solutions

Technology has long been the catalyst for business growth and development. POS systems help automate sales processes, CRM software facilitates customer retention and drives monetization, and the latest, beacons, now enable retailers to provide hyper-targeted, proximity-based experiences for their customers.

The Beginners Guide to Local SEO

Posted By Grant Brissey

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A Few Local SEO Best Practices Go a Long Way

Search engines like Google and Bing don’t disclose the algorithms that dictate search ranking because they don’t want people to game them. As such, SEO—and by extension local SEO—is not an exact science. But if we take action on mutually recognized ranking factors and signals, we can measurably improve our search ranking over time. Here we’ll discuss a few of the best practices you should employ to that end.

How to Enhance the Customer Journey with Social Media Management

Posted By Brandon Martinez


With over 75% of American shoppers now owning a smartphone, today’s consumer is constantly connected to the digital world. This constant connectedness has completely changed the way consumers shop. It allows them to discover new stores at a moment’s notice, engage directly with their favorite brands and learn more about your business from the experiences of previous customers.

Understanding the role online resources now play in the customer journey is crucial to running a successful offline business. From local search, to online reviews, to social media, every aspect of your online presence plays a role in driving more customers into your stores.