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Which Online Source Drives More In-Store Traffic: Google My Business vs. Websites

Posted By Rachel Larsen

Google M

By now, many brick-and-mortar businesses are aware that online sources have become a powerful driver of in-store traffic. The question that many businesses have yet to answer is: Which online source specifically is driving the greatest number of customers through their doors. Today’s Online to Offline traffic showdown: Google My Business vs. Websites. 

Enterprise Local SEO: How Big Brands Compete on a Local Level

Posted By Brandon Martinez

Enterprise Local SEO

55% of consumers choose to shop local rather than with large chains simply because they “love supporting local businesses”.

Enterprises vs. SMB’s: this is the unsung story about enterprise and multi-location businesses that no one is talking about; enterprises are losing ground against the boutiques, mom-and-pops and local retailers as more and more customers hop on the “Buy Local” bandwagon.

Google Joins the Fight Against Review Solicitation

Posted By Brandon Martinez


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In Q4 of 2017, 25% of Google’s business reviews had no actual review content and only gave a star rating. Contrast that with Yelp, in which 99% of reviews had valuable content longer than 50 characters. While Google tops the leaderboard in terms of the sheer number of reviews collected, the quality of those reviews has been a cause for concern as of late.

Google Joins Chatmeter in the Mission to Ensure Review Legitimacy

Posted By Brandon Martinez

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After Yelp announced it’s new review solicitation penalty in November, companies are now talking about the pros and cons of inorganic review creation and the risks it puts on the local search industry as a whole. The act of asking for reviews has raised many questions about who is policing the review industry and actively stopping companies from “gaming” the system or offering customers incentives for leaving positive reviews.  Google has joined the governing force, Yelp, Chatmeter, and many others by updating their policies to ensure review legitimacy on their search directories, platforms, partners, and customers globally.

How Businesses Can Leverage Local Search Data to Improve Marketing Strategies

Posted By Tagg Hurtubise

Locational Data.png

Geo-Targeted Mobile Ad Revenues are expected to reach $18.2 Billion by 2019 which is up significantly from just $6.8 billion in 2015. Locational data is now an essential tool for businesses to convert shoppers from searching online to making purchases in store. It allows them to target local customers who are ready to buy, better understand the customer experience and stay competitive on their home turf.