NEW: Apple Maps Update to Include User Reviews

Newest Apple Maps Update includes Reviews


The latest iOS 14 beta 6 from Apple Maps signals that the third-party data sources currently used to power Apple Maps, may be replaced with Apple Maps’s own native reviews and image system. In the past, Apple maps has relied on third-party integrations like Foursquare, Yelp, and TripAdvisor as a data source for reviews and photos for its users. 

Apple Maps has continuously released updates to improve its mapping system and own more control over it. Over this year, Apple rolled out a new Apple Maps redesign in conjunction with the release of iOS 13. The revamp included new features like a share ETA button, Collections, an interactive map, and 3D renderings — all competitive features designed to steal users away from Google Maps. 


Apple Maps Latest Update

Source: Apple Insider

iOS 14 is set to release this fall and will allow users to directly contribute their own reviews to Apple Maps. The rating system allows users to recommend a place with a thumbs up or thumbs down and include their own reviews. One of the most interesting features is that the ratings and photos are directly linked to the user’s Apple ID. This feature will make great strides in reducing the number of reviews that are fake or contain spam, a growing problem for Google Maps. Users will also be able to upload photos, which will be reviewed by the Apple team prior to showing up in Apple Maps.

Apple Maps Ratings and Photos


Source: 9to5Mac

The ability for users to provide their own ratings, reviews, and photos is a feature that has been available for many years in Google Maps. It’s also the reason why Google Maps has reigned the title as the most popular mapping system, but now this newest update may give Apple a greater chance at competing. 

What Does This Mean for Chatmeter Customers?

Chatmeter customers can rest easy knowing that all Apple Maps listings and reviews can be easily monitored and managed within LocationHQ. 

Chatmeter has worked hard with Apple Maps to pioneer the first direct Apple listings management partnership. Previously, businesses were able to submit listings updates to Apple Maps but due to privacy concerns, Apple did not provide confirmation of listing publishing, listing accuracy reporting, or duplicate detection at scale, until now. Chatmeter’s partnership includes:

  • Accuracy reporting on listings to ensure the live data is correct
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Review and Photo monitoring

As the battle between Apple Maps and Google Maps continues to play out, staying on top of your listings strategy remains more important than ever. Need help claiming all of your Apple Maps business listings before the iOS 14 release? Reach out to us to see how our Local Listings Management team can help your brand.