Meet the Team | Chatmeter’s Client Operations Manager


Chatmeter has one of the best in-class support teams – and the rating to show for it. With an NPS score of 76, it’s clear that a lot of hard work and dedication goes into providing top notch service for our clients every day. The teamwork and hustle it takes to accomplish each task couldn’t be done without the work of Chatmeter’s Client Operations Manager, Jelena Arnold. 

“I feel extremely lucky to have a role model and manager like Jelena Arnold. Not only is she a positive force in the office, but in our personal lives as well. She always strives to help us better ourselves as employees and individuals outside of work. Jelena inspires us, listens to us, and ultimately brings out the best in us.” said Ally Foster, Chatmeter’s Listings Specialist.


What does your typical day to day look like?

My typical day to day starts with our daily standup, where everyone on our listings, onboarding, and support team meet daily to discuss client issues, updates, and any way to solve a problem. From there I’m usually on video calls with individual team members or client meetings until late afternoon, and the end of my day is typically set aside for projects and busy work. 


With such a busy day, what would you say is the most critical aspect of your job? 

The most important thing for me is to be available and organized. Remaining available to all of the teams I oversee, in addition to our clients and Customer Success Managers who need additional resources or any area where I need to intervene or restructure things takes priority. This means I have to be active on Slack, virtual meetings, and emails ALL day. You can probably see now where staying organized comes in handy! 


Absolutely, I’ve noticed how much of your day involves communication with different departments and clients too! Your calendar is usually booked up with meetings all day. I also know you have kids, pets, and crazy construction noises, so let’s hear the full scope of your work from home situation!

My WFH situation has evolved dramatically,” Jelena laughs.


If you’re like me or Jelena, your WFH setup has probably improved over the months. 

In March, I started out in the garage on a tiny desk that couldn’t even fit both of my monitors. I also had both of my kids at home, but luckily I had my mom here to help when we were really trapped at home during the shutdown. The pandemic accelerated our long-term plans of turning this ugly wet bar originally used as storage space into an office. With this home project at the top of our list, we were able to convert the area into a much nicer office setup over summer. 





As for my kids, we’re lucky enough to have great neighbors who also WFH all day. We have a setup where we trade back and forth with watching our kids. If it wasn’t for this I’m not sure how we’d survive! 


At the start of the pandemic, businesses made over 3.2x the number of changes to their local listings per month than average. Chatmeter’s Listings Management and Support team became more critical than ever during this time. How did you and your team manage?

That was probably one of the most challenging situations I have ever dealt with, but this took the cake! On March 23rd and April 3rd, our local listing management team made 50,000 changes in a SINGLE day. And honestly, I’d have to give all the credit to them. The whole team works extremely hard and I don’t know if anyone else could’ve made it through such a challenging situation. They all have the personality type where they care so much about their clients – so they’re willing to put in the grueling ten hour days. They’re the reason why our clients were still saying so many positive things about our response times and staying up to date.


They’re definitely a hard-working team and a big reason as to why our customer success team is one of the best. How do you ensure your support, onboarding, and listings team contribute to maintaining our world-class score?

For starters, it’s all about having the right people in this position. I always look for specific traits when I’m looking to hire people for this team. This is a very specialized industry where things are changing by the day, whether it’s Facebook changing their API or something like Google disabling reviews. That’s why I specifically look for people who are organized, detailed, have great time management skills, and can learn on the fly. 

Second, we’ve developed a process so that anytime we receive an issue, we make sure to research and look into every support issue. It’s not just about an automated response, it’s about truly understanding and identifying the issue so it won’t happen again. 


What’s something unique about Chatmeter’s onboarding process that our clients love?

We take a team approach to how we service our clients, which resonates really well with them. Even before or during onboarding, we’ll have a listings specialist join sales calls to give an in-depth explanation on the value of local listing management before they sign up for our services. Oftentimes, we have the CSM, Sales Executive, Listings Specialist, and me join in on regular client calls so we can bring in expertise from all departments. 


Speaking of new customers, any advice to new customers who are onboarding with Chatmeter?

Great question! We want all you new customers to know that it’s not an overnight process. It does take some time, which is why we have a 30 day process for onboarding. Having a dedicated person on your team to help give us all the information we need will help us transition smoothly and efficiently. 


Now it’s your turn! What’s something unique about Chatmeter that you love? 

There are SO many things, so I might have to narrow it down to a few. It’s an innovative company with amazing people. I miss being able to have conversations with just about anyone in the office with great views of downtown San Diego. We’re also always doing something philanthropic, whether it’s building homes with Baja Bound or donating our Grubhub allowance to several charities. I think my favorite part is how valuable of a service Chatmeter is. COVID-19 only demonstrated the need for our service and when I look several years ahead, I only see more growth in store for Chatmeter.


“Our Founder and CEO, Collin Holmes, really stresses the importance of a good work-life balance. What does your life outside of work look like?” 

I’ve always loved to read, my girlfriends and I have been doing a book club for the last ten years. Since the pandemic, I’ve been able to garden a lot more and create a green thumb. On the weekends, I love to hang out with the family and do outdoor activities. 



Jelena has made such a valuable contribution to Chatmeter. Our listings, support, and onboarding team have grown tremendously since Jelena joined over a year ago, and the processes implemented by her have made a lasting impact on Chatmeter’s excellent customer service and support that we take pride in. Interested in enlisting the help of Jelena’s listing management team for your brand? Sign up for a free demo to learn more today.