Meet Alex Diallo: Chatmeter’s Technical Project Manager

Alex Diallo Technical Project Manager


2020 was a big year for Chatmeter, especially in regards to our product. From the launch of our mobile app to the addition of Instagram and LinkedIn to our Social Suite, it’s safe to say we’ve made amazing strides. Our product team goes above and beyond in ensuring our product is top of the line, innovative, and suits our customers’ needs. It’s been admirable to see the team’s stellar work come to fruition and couldn’t have been done without one of our team’s project managers, Alex Diallo. 

Originally from France, Alex made his way to downtown San Diego and had his sights set on Chatmeter a year before joining the team. 


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“I had been doing project management for a while and wanted a new challenge in the software industry. Once I got the chance to meet the Chatmeter team and hear more about the company’s future goals, I knew it was the right place for me. The views were also an unbeatable perk.” said Alex Diallo, Chatmeter’s Technical Project Manager. 

Although Alex’s office views look a little different now with COVID-19, his work everyday still makes a remarkable difference in our company. Keep reading to find out more about a day in the life of Alex and how he impacts Chatmeter.

What does your typical day to day look like?

A LOT of meetings. As one of our technical project managers, I have to make sure our internal meetings all run smoothly. On top of that, I have weekly meetings on the bigger picture projects. I also work with the CSMs on customer-facing projects. I have to juggle between different topics, projects, and teams to make sure everyone is aligned.

Wow, that’s a lot of competing priorities you have to juggle! What are all the teams that you work with and how do you stay on top of maintaining seamless communication between so many teams?

More than I can count on my hand! Currently, I work with our Engineering team, Product Design, Product Team, Customer Success Managers, Technical Sales Executives, and Product Marketing. 

It comes down to time management and staying organized. We always have to be prepared in advance for anything, ESPECIALLY during COVID-19. I have to always make sure every meeting has a clear agenda that everyone can come prepared for so we can move onto the next thing.

Speaking of change, 2020 was a big year for change. I know that our product launch schedule had to change drastically because of COVID-19. How did you guys pivot?

Once COVID-19 happened, our priorities for our product roadmap immediately shifted. Luckily some of the things we were already working on, like our Bulk Editor for Listings tool and Mobile App got accelerated. Other features such as GMB’s temporarily closed, special hours, and Google Q&A all got escalated as a priority which we released within a quarter after businesses in California were forced to shut down.

Fortunately, we have a great team where everyone steps up to the plate and does more than their share. We had to (and still do) over communicate – whether it’s through slack, email, or meetings.

If you don’t know about our Bulk Listings Editor tool, it’s a feature that gives Chatmeter users the ability to bulk edit and update their local listings by single, multiple, or grouped locations. Since COVID-19 made it necessary to update business information at all hours of the day. Our team wanted to give customers an easy way to make these changes with the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere. Chatmeter’s LocationHQ Mobile App provides our users with access to functionalities from our reputation management and local SEO software. 

It’s been inspiring to see your team come together and continuously release products that help our customers save countless hours of time. Although things may change again, tell us a little bit about what’s inspiring Chatmeter’s roadmap for 2021? 

Well I can’t give exact details unfortunately, but I can tell you a bit about how our roadmap comes to fruition. First of all, we have stellar project managers. They take a lot of time when it comes to research, meeting with customers, and customer success managers. We also take our reseller partners’ needs into consideration. Our product roadmap has a lot of input from market research and sales as well. 

We gather all of these ideas and brainstorm with our product design and engineering team to see the next steps. It’s always our goal to take a holistic approach so we can create a vision that meets our customer needs but also meets our company objectives and larger goals

What’s one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?

It’s tough to choose just one. Creating our mobile app was definitely a rewarding and innovative project to work on because I was involved in the whole process from start to finish. I oversaw everything, from the requirements to the go to market strategy. I also enjoyed refining our Local Pages because it’s something our customers were very excited about.

Why are Local Pages so important for multi-location businesses?

89% of people search for a local business using their mobile phones at least once a week. 67% of people search for a local business using unbranded keywords – not the brand name. At the most basic level, you want to be sure each of your locations will surface in search results or you’re missing potential business. On a deeper level, you want pages optimized for search to drive as much traffic to both your website and physical locations. Local Pages represent an opportunity to appear in both local and organic searches, since they contain location-specific content relevant to a consumer’s unbranded search for products and business.

Can you tell us about what the process of building local pages looks like and what a customer can expect? 

With Local Pages, customers can expect to be included in a seamless process customized to their needs. We start by defining your goals and KPIs, the design of the local pages you have in mind, and the location-specific information you need to build out for each location. We make the onboarding process simple and easy, with a dedicated onboarding specialist and a dedicated  designer to help meet your needs. We can get your pages up and running and start driving conversions as fast as 6 weeks. 

The best part about our Local Pages product is that the location data all lives within Chatmeter so you have a single source of truth for both your local pages and listings. Ongoing updates can be made directly within the dashboard and are automatically published across listings and your website. On the reporting side, we provide continual advanced analytics and insights so you can measure the success of your pages and track all events taking place across your landing pages (for example, views, link clicks, driving direction requests, and other calls-to-action like booking reservations or requesting quotes).

It was amazing to see everyone from marketing to engineering be involved in all of these product launches. What do you love most about working for Chatmeter?

What makes Chatmeter so great for me is the team. Chatmeter has done a great job of hiring motivated people who all share interests and can work well together. At the end of the day, we all hustle and have a great time. We’ve almost doubled in size and are still growing. 


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Our Founder and CEO, Collin Holmes, really stresses the importance of a good work-life balance. What does your life outside of work look like? 

I love going to the gym! I also love live music but now that interest has transitioned to streaming virtual festivals. Since COVID-19 it’s been more about discovering the outdoor parts of San Diego, whether it’s hanging out at Balboa Park or chilling at the beach in Coronado. I also do some volunteer work for the microfinance organization, Kiva. 

Alex Diallo has become a tremendous asset to our team in more ways than one. He’s the glue that holds our product team together and helps deliver a world-class product to our customers. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Chatmeter difference when it comes to our customer support and products, sign up for a free demo today.