As local keywords become increasingly popular among searchers, businesses will be forced to pay attention to local SEO. The amount of local searches, via desktop and mobile devices, is estimated to reach 140 billion this year. This is important because 98% of searches choose a business that is on page 1.


local-businessPhoto Source: LocalVox


How do you ensure your business shows up on the first page? That’s where local SEO comes in! Local SEO is the process of optimizing your page listings so that you can rank higher in the local listings pack on SERPs. For information on the difference between organic and local SEO, click here.


Measuring the impact listings management has on local SEO begins with understanding what your rankings are now. To do this, identify important keywords and local keywords to your business and see how you rank when those keywords are searched.


Once you know where you stand, you can then begin to clean up your listings. There are various ways to effectively manage your business listings:

-The first and most important step is to add or claim your listings on search engines and online directories

-Next, you must establish relevance through proper category associations, which are used by search engines to determine which businesses to show for particular searches.

-To build trust, you need to ensure NAP (name, address, phone) is consistent across each listing for a particular location.

-You also need to remove any duplicate listings, multiple listings for the same location in a particular online directory.

-Additionally, you can improve search visibility by creating location-specific content.


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With hundreds of locations, managing listings can be very difficult. However, as shown above, our easy-to-read dashboard provides users with the rankings of each of their locations over time. This allows you to see the whole picture, your rankings from when you first started to where you are now.  As you take these steps to effectively manage your listings, analyze your rankings over 30, 60, and 90 day periods to see your improvements!


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