Google My Business Still Facing Delays as Businesses Reopen

As businesses start to reopen, it’s important to understand that you may still experience limited Google My Business (GMB) functionality. When the outbreak of COVID-19 occurred, Google implemented changes that would impact businesses. With a limited staff, Google announced they would prioritize listings, updates, and support for critical businesses throughout the pandemic. All other non-critical businesses may experience delays in  changes and updates to their business listings. 

In addition, Google temporarily disabled reviews and review responses in March to help businesses protect their reputation due to unfair circumstances. By early April, Google turned on review responding for all businesses, stating that businesses will slowly see a return in all reviews from the time period of when they were disabled. Despite turning reviews back on, GMB has yet to restore full functionality to all businesses.

Chatmeter has been closely monitoring all listing updates to GMB throughout this time. Based on reports from clients and our listings management team, businesses are still experiencing delays in updating their GMB profiles. As we head into June and businesses throughout the country are reopening, Google is working hard to restore full functionality to GMB, however, businesses should be aware that it may take a while to see your changes go into effect.  

Limited Communication and Delays

Our clients are reportedly still experiencing delays in updates to listings across all industries. Response times from Google support are currently sporadic, ranging from 24 hours to 10 days, depending on the support request. Due to limited bandwidth on Google’s end, the only form of support available is now through email, instead of call or chat. We’ve included an example of a typical email your business may receive when contacting Google for support. 



If you do choose to email Google for support, you can expect to receive one of two emails.  


Email #1 (Most Common)


Email #2

Non-Urgent Matters for Google

As Google continues to prioritize urgent matters, it’s important for businesses to know which issues they will most likely experience delays with:

  • Bulk location verifications
  • Duplicate merges
  • Review removal requests
  • Support

Certain requests for non-urgent matters may be postponed indefinitely.

Staying Ahead of GMB Business Delays

Right now is an important time for you to inform all customers of business updates, regardless of GMB delays. These simple tips below will help consumers stay up-to-date despite any GMB delays. 

  • Leverage Google posts.
  • Add edits to your business name.
  • Increase communication with email newsletters, website banners, and social media.

Read more about these steps.

Your brand can also leverage new GMB attributes released by Google to highlight your business’s services: 

  • Curbside Pickup
  • No-Contact Delivery
  • In-store Shopping
  • Dine-in

To add or edit attributes, simply sign in to your GMB profile and select the location you wish to edit. Then, click Info, head to “Add Attributes”, and click “Edit”.  

Google will also be expanding Reserve with Google to help consumers make reservations, book services, purchase tickets, and make appointments easily within a GMB business profile.

Chatmeter will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates on all new information. We’ve compiled a list of COVID-19 resources to help your business manage and protect your reputation throughout the pandemic. Have questions or want to learn more about Chatmeter’s Listing Management Service?  Reach out to our Location Experts to see how we can help. 


Is your business still experiencing delays in making updates to your GMB profile? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.