Google removes ads in SERP, How will it affect your Local SEO?

Google has confirmed that ads appearing in the right hand column of its desktop search page will be eliminated worldwide, with only two exceptions, product listing ads and the ads in the knowledge panel. This update decreases the total amount of ads from eleven to seven.

At first, these updates seem like nothing but good news for organic search…less paid ads, more room for organic results. However, the company has stated that for “highly commercial queries” a fourth paid ad may appear above the organic results. Google cites “hotels in New York City” and “car insurance” as examples.


There is still speculation in terms of how exactly this latest update will affect local search. Fewer ads in general may increase visibility of organic and local listings. However, a fourth paid advertisement (shown in the picture above) could push these organic search results below the fold, resulting in fewer clicks. Matt Lawson, the Director of Performance Ads Marketing for Google, recently helped ease some confusion. He wrote a list of five actions to take in order to stay on top of accounts post change.

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