Who is Chatmeter? Get To Know a Product Manager


At Chatmeter, we work hard to make our product the best on the market. From feature enhancements to expanding our product offering, our product team helps to make this all possible. Adding new products and getting them released on-time without major flaws, couldn’t be done without the work of our Product Managers, Ariana Purro, and Darren Siebert

Darren has been with Chatmeter since 2015, and he’s done a lot of work to bring Chatmeter’s software to the caliber that we see today. This is why it was great when Ariana joined Chatmeter in April of 2019 to help take on some exciting new projects. Ariana joins us from the Boston area where she spent the past several years working in eCommerce. I decided to sit down with the Providence native to learn a little bit more about what a Product Manager does and how she’s impacted Chatmeter in her time here. 


What does a typical day for you look like?

“As a Product Manager, your day can vary. Usually, I start my day off with a cup of coffee, jump on slack, check my email, and get to work answering product questions from our sales or support team.” 

“I also take the time to read industry news to stay up-to-date with trends and Product Management articles to help keep me at my best. I like subscribing to blogs like StreetFight, Voicebot.ai, Product Management Today, and some UX stuff.”

I have the pleasure of taking the bus to work with Ariana (she’s just one stop away) and have personally witnessed her start this process before she even steps foot into the office. 

“We have daily stand-ups with the Dev (Developer) team which is important because we work pretty quickly in two-week sprints. During those stand-ups, I’ll offer input or clarification on requirements for projects so the team doesn’t get blocked from moving forward. We have a lot of design reviews to go through on our product, especially now as we’re looking to update the look and feel of our platform.” 

In addition to keeping our engineering team on track, Ariana also spends a lot of time with our customers to ensure their needs are being met.

“I often jump on customer calls so I can help bring the voice of the customer back to our dev team. This includes things like new features, bug fixes, and other stuff like that. If there’s a larger project I’ll work with the rest of the product team to strategize and plan our road map.”


Our product team has grown immensely over the past few years, can you share a little about your team’s growth?

“Our VP of Product, Sridhar Nagarajan, has really helped to foster our growth. He has a ton of great experience which has helped us to become more forward-thinking and innovative.”

“We also have Data Scientists and Analysts who not only help give our customers more insight into the health of their business but they give us insights and analytics to improve our product. It’s been pretty cool to see how our product team has been able to make a real difference at Chatmeter.” 

Ariana and the rest of the product team have really helped to keep our company up-to-date on new product features and enhancements. From a product blog to feature demos, monthly presentations, and even lunch-n-learns they help to ensure our sales, support, and marketing teams are always up-to-date with our product offerings.  


Chatmeter’s Product Team in handmade “Party Animal” masks for Halloween 2019. 


One of our more recent product releases is Chatmeter’s Analytics Studio. What is your process for getting a product of that caliber out to our customers from conception to launch?

“When the idea for Analytics Studio was first proposed I wasn’t here, but it was one of the first big projects I helped to take on. I did a ton of research on what our customers wanted out of an analytics tool early on. We then outlined requirements, got feedback from internal team members, customers, and the market in order to create a great product. It took a lot of work and fine-tuning along the way but the outcome is something we’re all really proud of.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Analytics Studio, it’s a reporting tool that allows businesses to analyze, visualize, and interpret their data based upon business priorities. Users can create their own customized reports from dozens of components across our entire dashboard. 


Custom Analytics Studio Report


Why do you think Analytics Studio is such a great feature?

“Data is super powerful. Today, data itself has become a product and many companies are realizing how being data-driven can help make better business decisions. Our customers were asking for more reports and we saw so many different needs and ways of thinking that we knew we needed to create a tool that was easy to use and allowed every type of user to create their own custom reports.”

As someone who leverages our data quite often, Analytics Studio has become one of my favorite tools. It makes it so much easier to analyze large quantities of data.

“Ultimately the tool helps people to set benchmarks, track ongoing progress, motivate their team, and share data with more people. Most importantly it gives more power to the user.”


Analytics Studio allows users to connect Chatmeter with any business intelligence tool. What made you come to that decision? Why is it so important to offer this to our customers?

“There are so many organizations that already have data-driven systems out there so it was vital that we give their data analysts access to our data within whatever tool they use like PowerBI, Tableau, Domo, Spotfire, or Qlik. This allows organizations to get a holistic view of their business. It was really the customers that influenced this, we soon came to realize that these integrations were an important aspect for many people.”


You talk to a lot of customers about feature requests. What advice would you give to a customer who wants a new feature whether it’s with Chatmeter or another type of software they’re using?

It’s always best to start with your Customer Success Manager first. Bring it up on a monthly call and they’ll pass on your feedback to us. We log all customer feedback and regularly turn to it as we plan improvements to various products. If we need to get a better understanding of your needs, we’ll come to you.”

“When you meet with a product manager, don’t jump straight to the solution you have in mind, help us to understand the ultimate goal. Let us know if there are any workarounds you already have in place. I always try to look at things holistically so we can add or enhance a feature that works for everyone.”


How do you decide to add a new product or feature?

“There’s a lot of contingencies that go into adding a new product but it really comes down to a few key things. First, we have to look at how popular the feature request is. If it’s a frequent request from our customer base that makes it easy to prioritize. We also have to look at the scope of the project and whether there are any dependencies in order for us to get it done. Lastly, we look at how the feature will impact all of our customers. Will it enhance their day-to-day work? Will it drive better adoption of Chatmeter as a whole? Will it make the lives of our customers easier? These are just some of the many questions we have to ask when deciding on implementing new features.”

Customer requests are just one way we look to implement changes to our product. We’re always working to find innovative new ways to serve our customers. 

“We work hard to keep up with the latest market trends in order to help meet customer goals. We’ve also invested a lot into R&D (research and development) as well as leveraging AI and machine learning in order to create innovative solutions that give our customers more control over their online visibility and reputation.”


Our Founder and CEO, Collin Holmes, really stresses the importance of a good work-life balance. What does your life outside of work look like? 

“I like to hang out with my dog, Roxy, we go to the beach a lot. Since I’m new to San Diego, I also love checking out all the great places to eat with my fiance. Some of my hobbies include playing soccer and going to trivia nights with my Chatmeter co-workers.”



Ariana has made a large difference at Chatmeter when it comes to our product and our culture. It’s because of hard-working people like her that we’re able to give our customers a great product and world-class support. Want to learn more about Analytics Studio and all the other great products Chatmeter offers? Sign up for a free demo today