Essential Insights From Think With Google To Take Into 2020

Essential Insights from Think with Google


In 2019 we saw a transformation of how people searched for local businesses, from the rise in voice search adoption to increased expectations for local convenience. Below are the most essential insights behind Think with Google’s 2019 Research Review, that brands can leverage for their 2020 Local SEO strategy.

Consumer Demand for Convenience and Immediacy 

The consumer mentality for “right here, right now” is in full force for 2020. Services like Amazon have paved the path for a culture of convenience and instant gratification for consumers. These data trends highlight the necessity for brands to meet consumers’ needs for convenience, value, and immediacy. Brands can win over customers by incorporating experiences such as price matching, buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS), and loyalty rewards.  It’s essential for businesses to redefine their local SEO strategy to drive customers to stores and rise against competitors in 2020.


75% of smartphone users expect immediate information | Google Think insights

"Best" & "Right now" search queries trends | Google Think Insights

"Store open near me" grown over 250%


Google Think Insights: "Open Near Me" search queries grown over 125%45% of global shoppers buy online & pick up in-store


The Path of the Customer Journey

The modern-day consumer is now more informed than ever. With endless resources of information, these data trends support the fact that consumers are going online to do their research before they make a purchasing decision. When a customer is using the online search experience during their buyer journey process, they’re comparing factors such as competitor’s prices, reviews, and more to receive the best value. 

In 2019, we saw an increased focus on concerns over data, especially with alarming security breaches from big companies including T-Mobile, Capital One, and DoorDash. While the rise in searches for “my activity” gives individuals more control over their data, it also lets customers easily view previously visited restaurants and stores. Businesses should leverage this by optimizing their online reputation to bring in more repeat customers.


Google Think insights: 83% of US shoppers use online search before going to a store


Google Think Insights - Mobile searches for financial management grew 70%


Google Think Insights | YouTube shopping related videos grows by 5x


Google Think Insights | My Activity search interest has increased sixfold since 2016

Stats on Voice Search Trends

The voice search revolution is here and it’s critical for businesses to adopt a voice search strategy in 2020. Today, roughly 1 in 4 U.S. adults own a smart speaker. Voice search has become a part of everyday lives through voice assistant technology like Google, Siri, and Alexa. This technology makes life even more convenient for multi-taskers who are looking for answers while on the road or cooking, as shown below. Learn how Chatmeter’s all-in-one local SEO platform can help your brand prepare for voice-enabled discovery.


Google Think Insights | 27% of global online population is using voice search


Over 16 Million recipes searched for on Google Home Devices


Google assistant users grew 4x | Google Think Insights


Google Assistant is Built in more than 1 Billion devices | Google Think Insights

Brands are expected to understand and adapt to shifts in consumer behaviors instantaneously. These insights can help businesses be intuitive to their audience’s needs and drive more revenue. Want to stand out from the rest of the competition? Click below to unlock your instant brand audit to see how you compare to the competition today, and how Chatmeter can help prepare your brand to stand out in 2020.