During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Clear, Quick and Accurate Location Data Can Save Lives

How Healthcare Facilities Easily Save Lives During Covid-19 Outbreak


Healthcare technology, health consumer needs, and expectations evolve rapidly, and the quality of your online presence has the ability to directly impact the well-being of individual patients. Add a pandemic to the mix, and it’s easy to see how the information published by a healthcare organization, has the ability to directly affect the health of an entire community.


The mass uncertainty consuming every facet of our daily lives is a new collective reality. To the extent your healthcare brand can communicate with clarity and precision, it will stand out above the rest. But simply curating and publishing accurate data is not enough. In times of crisis, an unfortunate phenomenon occurs. While the need for quick and accurate information increases, attention spans and critical thinking frequently decrease. Communicating with your current and prospective patients at scale is critical in times of crisis so that they can find complete and accurate information the first time they search–regardless of when or where they look. 


Healthcare provider organizations that are publishing proactive crisis-centric content are doing the right thing, but don’t overlook the basics. Your locations listing management strategy can actually save lives!


How can accurate location data keep healthcare consumers safe during a pandemic?

By ensuring that your location data is both accurate and comprehensive, healthcare marketers can avoid the following dangerous realities facing consumers when they attempt to call or visit the wrong location:


  • Wasted time calling unstaffed locations
  • Wasted time traveling to the wrong locations — this could prove catastrophic if the reason for the visit is an emergency!
  • Increased number of risky personal interactions at each location
  • Increased encounters with potentially infected surfaces at each location


Take a moment to consider the profound impact healthcare marketers can have in their communities simply by ensuring that they are providing complete and accurate location information to their constituents. For the most vulnerable among us, receiving timely care can mean the difference between life and death. For the most vulnerable among us, avoiding just one chance encounter with the deadly virus can mean the difference between life and death.

Enter local listing data management 

Listings data management refers to the ongoing practice of updating and maintaining your business information on search engines and web directories. Everyone is familiar with Yelp, Facebook, and Google, but there are literally hundreds of sites that maintain business profiles, including listings and location data. In order to maintain your brand’s position and credibility, it is important to adopt a proactive approach to listings data management.



Whether your healthcare organization is attempting to do the work in-house or leveraging a listings management service, now is a good time to ensure you are doing the basics. 

Healthcare Organization Listing Management Optimization Basics:

1. Change business hours across all of your local listings.

2. Temporarily close local listings.

3. Use the new COVID-19 info section in your Google My Business listings (new feature)

4. Update the new Telehealth info section in your Google My Business listings (new feature)

5. Forward or update media and patient experience phone numbers.


Read more about each of these 5 steps: COVID-19 Update: Five Things Healthcare Marketing Teams Should Be Doing Right Now.


Chameter’s Crisis Management Program for Healthcare

In an effort to give back to the Healthcare industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chatmeter has launched our Crisis Management Program for Healthcare. This program offers up to $5M in free services to healthcare marketing and operations teams for 90-days to ensure patients everywhere are getting fast and safe access to the care they need. This program gives new customers in the healthcare space access to the local listing, reputation, and social media management tools they need to help protect their organization against the spread of misinformation online.

It’s marketers turn to shine, even if only in the shadows

The recent surge of praise for clinicians is well-deserved and long overdue. But the heroic job of saving lives is not limited to those on the front lines of this global pandemic. The seemingly mundane task of providing accurate information to the public is a critical component to flattening the curve. It’s not likely that marketers will receive the same kudos and primetime news coverage as clinicians. But take pride and comfort in knowing that your work does have the ability to make a difference.


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