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Recently we’ve been featured in a lot of great articles, podcasts, and blogs. As a leader in the Local SEO industry, many publications turn to us for knowledge on industry updates and trends. We’d thought you’d be interested in seeing some of the latest press highlighting all the amazing things we’ve been up to here at Chatmeter.



Multiple Locations affect on SEO

How Does Having Multiple Business Locations Affect SEO?

Just Web World


Learn why multi-location businesses need to optimize for local SEO. Chatmeter is featured as one of the best ways to manage your local SEO efforts.




Optimizing the Buyer Journey

Chatmeter: Optimizing the Digital Journey for Local Engagement



We sat down with Intellyx to share how we’re helping brands to perfect the online to offline customer journey. Learn more about how we’re helping brands perfect the customer experience.




Chatmeter's CEO interviewed for "Habits of Highly Successful People"

27 Simple Ways Highly Successful People Get Ahead of Everyone Else


This article shares 27 habits of Founders and Executives that help them to get ahead in life. Check out Chatmeter’s Founder, Collin Holmes, at #26 on why he values transparent and interpersonal communication with his team.




Chatmeter listed as a key reason for retail giants to be listed as 2018 Pacesetter's

Pacesetters 2018: 10 Fast Rising Retail Executives
RIS Retail Info Systems


Jennifer Skeen from Ski and Sun Sports shares how working with Chatmeter has helped her to improve the customer experience. See all the fastest rising retail executives and learn more about the technology they’ve implemented to help build up their business.


Read the extended interview with Skeen here:

RIS Talks: Jennifer Skeen of Sun & Ski Sports Shares How She Strives to Innovate Everyday




Reputation & protecting your company against cyber attacks

Reputation Management: How to Prepare for and Respond to a Cyber Attack

Marketing Sherpa


Check out Collin Holmes advice on how to best prepare for a cyber attack by being engaged with and responsive to your community. There’s a lot of great advice from the industry’s top thought leaders on how to protect your brand’s reputation after a cyber attack.



Voice Engine Optimization Strategies

5 Voice Engine Optimization Strategies to Get Ahead

Search Engine Journal


If you missed our Webinar with Search Engine Journal on VEO, you can check out the recap on their blog. This is a great article for anyone looking to get started with VEO.




How Chatmeter fights fake news

Fighting Fake News Content with AI, Sentiment Analysis Tech and Machine Learning


Check out the MarTechSeries interview with Collin Holmes on how we’re working to fight against fake reviews with AI, sentiment analysis, and machine learning. This interview showcases just how powerful our sentiment analysis tool, Pulse, can be for protecting your online reputation.



About Chatmeter:


Chatmeter specializes in online reputation and review management for multi-location brands and agencies. We help businesses make a distinct impact in revenue by improving various areas of their online presence that determine if a customer will visit their store, or a competitor’s – including online reviews, local business listings, local SEO rankings and more.

To see how Chatmeter can help improve your online visibility, schedule a complimentary brand audit.