10 Brands Who Are Spreading Inspiration During COVID-19

In the midst of all the news surrounding coronavirus, it’s important to remember that there are many heartwarming stories, positive moments, and collaborative solutions coming out of these challenging times. Chatmeter has been working diligently with our clients to ensure that they will come out of this situation stronger than ever. Take a moment to read these inspirational stories from our clients who are creatively overcoming challenges from COVID-19. 


Atlantic Self Storage


Our client, Atlantic Self Storage, never imagined that their storage solutions would become so critical in such a short time. Just like many other businesses around the world, they were thrown for a loop when the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 occurred. Suddenly, their days became a chaotic disarray of endless emails and crisis communication plans. 

With thousands of college students and other individuals affected by the fallout of the pandemic, Atlantic Self Storage knew they had to act quick. They immediately started planning ways to help individuals in need of storage, coming up with a solution to extend a basic offer of 50% off new storage leases. Within a few short weeks, Atlantic Self Storage has already helped over 300 people in urgent need of storage. 

Atlantic Self Storage has been an exemplary model of rising to the challenge, in addition to spreading positivity, cheer, and reassurance. The team got inspired to take part in #904RainbowHunt, in which the staff and their families spread positivity by decorating offices with rainbows and messages of inspiration. Atlantic Self Storage has also been teaming up with local businesses to provide storage solutions for those in need as partners.


Dog Haus

Critically acclaimed restaurant, Dog Haus, is widely known for their gourmet hot dogs and tasty cuisine. Dog Haus  launched The Haus Market and The Absolute Brands, a new restaurant group aimed to bring the Dog Haus dining experience right to your doorsteps. Many of their signature items are unable to be found at local grocery stores, but now customers can purchase the grocery items to recreate the exact dishes. Dog Haus will also remain open for delivery and pickup.

Dog Haus quickly reinvented its business model as a response to COVID-19, and is consistently working through obstacles associated with coronavirus. With extremely long lines and limited food at the grocery stores, Dog Haus saw this challenge as a way to continue serving customers and give them another way to pick up essential food items. 

“Chatmeter has been critical to the successful management of reviews for all locations across the country,” – Heather Mann, Marketing & Communications Manager of Dog Haus

Chatmeter is a proud partner of Dog Haus and looks forward to continuously maximizing their online presence.


Leisure Care

Leisure Care is one of the nation’s largest retirement and assisted living companies, who also has done an amazing job of bringing some cheer to this situation for their residents. In an effort to bring the community together with laughter, the staff brought light to the toilet paper situation by asking residents what items they’d be willing to trade for their toilet paper. This became a hit with the community, as residents jumped on board with all their ideas. The results were posted to Facebook, generating hundreds of likes and comments from fans all over the nation. The staff immediately went to work on helping their wishes come true, resulting in Klondike sending ice cream bars to the community. The best part – every resident in the community received their wish! 



Brookshire Brothers

Texas & Louisiana based grocery chain, Brookshire Brothers, is continuously creating a better customer and employee experience throughout this time. Brookshire Brothers spearheaded an initiative to rehire retired people and individuals who have been laid off from COVID-19.  As an additional perk, the grocery chain is also increasing the cashback rewards of their employee reward program. Brookshire Brothers will maintain normal store hours in an effort to alleviate any fear and keep normalcy. 

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

Family sports restaurant Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is utilizing their dining rooms to create a smooth take-away experience for all customers, with a pop up drive-thru. Many of their locations have made it a special experience for customers with fun elements such as fishbowl blasts, music, and smiles. Beef ‘O’ Brady’s has also been continuing their tradition of trivia nights virtually to stay connected with customers. This initiative is a part of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s commitment to avoid furloughing some employees so they can continue to work during this challenging time.



Tender Greens

Even in tough times, fast-casual restaurant Tender Greens has found unique ways to stay true to its core mission of sustainability and community support. Customers of Tender Greens can now receive curated Grocery Boxes and individual grocery items. All of the products and produce are sourced from local farmers that Tender Greens has continued to support. Tender Greens will also be offering free delivery all month, click here for more details.


Source: Tender Greens



Breakfast restaurant Snooze A.M. Eatery  is bringing brunch right to customers’ doorsteps. Snooze will be offering curated meal kits that are breakfast, brunch, and brinner friendly. Cocktail and pressed juice kits will also be available for purchase. 


Source: Snooze A.M. Eatery


Earls Kitchen & Bar

Earls Kitchen and Bar has announced that all employees will be paid while stores remain closed. They’ve also been thinking outside of the box by launching its own grocery service nationwide. Earls Kitchen and Bar is accompanied by a new alcohol service, Earls Liquor, where people can purchase alcohol at a 20% discount. This new pivot has already resulted in social media success, with hundreds of fans stating their interest in this new initiative. The restaurant is giving people access to its supply chain of high-quality ingredients, complete with grocery packs and grocery products. Their products and restaurant meals will be available for delivery and pick-up.


Source: Earls Restaurant


Urban Plates 

Urban Plates is offering no contact curbside pickup, free delivery, and takeout. Customers can easily take care of the whole family’s appetite with family meals from Urban Plates. Urban Plates will be offering free delivery through DoorDash and urbanplates.com. 



Premier automotive appearance and protection services provider, Ziebart, has been heroically supporting first responders in their communities. Numerous Ziebart locations have provided first responders with complimentary disinfection of the main touchpoints in their vehicles. These selfless actions are a part of the company’s commitment to helping essential workers during this time. 

During difficult times, it’s great to see companies support essential workers who are on the frontlines of the pandemic. Chatmeter has been continuously providing different strategies to help our clients be a part of the inspiration during COVID-19. With safe social distancing and acts of kindness, our community can get through this challenging time together. 



Throughout this time, Chatmeter has continuously been seeking out different ways in which our company can make a difference. COVID-19 has led to many complications for millions of businesses worldwide, specifically in regards to business listings and managing their online reputation. Healthcare organizations are facing the challenge of keeping their business listings accurately up to date, while simultaneously providing critical care. As industry leaders with an all-in-one local SEO platform, Chatmeter wanted to alleviate the pressure off the healthcare field by lending our services to multi-location healthcare organizations with our Crisis Healthcare Management Program. Read more below. 


Chatmeter’s Crisis Healthcare Management Program

Currently, one of the major challenges Americans are collectively facing is making sure they can find accurate and up-to-date information on healthcare facilities. Healthcare providers are struggling with updating this information without the knowledge, resources and tools to do so, resulting in complete confusion for patients. 

Chatmeter is committed to supporting healthcare providers and organizations, which is why we are excited to announce that we’re investing approximately $5M to launch our new program: “Crisis Management Program for Healthcare.” This initiative will provide Chatmeter’s reputation management technology, social publishing, and listing management services free for 90 days to healthcare organizations with over 10 ten locations. This program is for new customers only. 

We want to help healthcare organizations be easily found in popular consumer sites, so nearby patients can receive efficient access to their closest healthcare providers when they need them the most. This is a no strings attached program and doesn’t require any long term contractual obligation to participate. Find out more information here.