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How to Navigate The Local Search Ecosystem and Defend Against Dirty Data

Mobile “where to buy” searches have grown 85% since 2015, 1 in 2 smartphone owners used local search to decide where to eat in the last 4 weeks, and according to Google, every month, people visit 1.5 billion locations related to what they searched for on Google. The local search industry is booming, however, as it continues to grow so too does its complexity.

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Enterprise Local SEO: How Big Brands Compete on a Local Level

55% of consumers choose to shop local rather than with large chains simply because they “love supporting local businesses”. Enterprises vs. SMB’s: this is the unsung story about enterprise and multi-location businesses that no one is talking about; enterprises are losing ground against the boutiques, mom-and-pops and local retailers as more and more customers hop on the “Buy Local” bandwagon.

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How Local SEO Helps Marketing and Operations Drive Revenue

Companies that are highly effective at working collaboratively experience 47% higher total returns.This is important as increasing revenue is the common thread that ties a business together and ultimately determines the success of the business as a whole. Each department is constantly working to build value and increase revenue, but how can you better align the departments, specifically Marketing and Operations, to drive even greater growth?  

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Google Joins the Fight Against Review Solicitation

In Q4 of 2017, 25% of Google’s business reviews had no actual review content and only gave a star rating. Contrast that with Yelp, in which 99% of reviews had valuable content longer than 50 characters. While Google tops the leaderboard in terms of the sheer number of reviews collected, the quality of those reviews has been a cause for concern as of late.

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How to Survive the Amazon Takeover with Local SEO

Sure, nearly 90% of all retail sales are still made at physical locations, but that doesn’t mean retailers across the board aren’t feeling pressure from the exponential growth of eCommerce. With Amazon leading the charge, brick-and-mortar retailers are feeling the squeeze as customers have begun to divert an increasing share of their wallets towards shopping online.

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6 Reasons to Focus on Local SEO in 2018

In 2017, over 40% of consumers used local search to find nearby businesses at least once a week and 12% used it daily. While customers have begun to view local search as the go-to tool for discovering local businesses, many of the businesses themselves have yet to place the emphasis on local that is necessary for turning it into a profitable, traffic driving system.  

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Preparing for Google’s Mobile-First Mindset and Local SEO Success

When it comes to staying on pace with the latest in online trends, brick-and-mortar businesses seem to be one step behind search engines and even further behind the consumers they serve. Over 77% of Americans own smartphones, nearly 60% of all their searches are initiated on mobile devices, and Google has finally made the transition from Mobile-Friendly to Mobile-First! Yet 29% of small businesses don’t even have websites and even fewer have websites that are truly optimized for mobile devices.

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The Rise of Social Local Search | Updates on Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook

The online landscape is changing as record shares of Americans (77%) now own smartphones, giving them on-demand access to the world wide web wherever and whenever they need. However, more than just web enabled, smartphones are home to some of the most widely downloaded social networking, local search and review platform applications like Facebook, Google Maps and Yelp, which have turned phones into more of a mobile supercomputer than a device for calling and texting.

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