A Look Back on 2020 with Chatmeter


Just like everyone else, 2020 went quite differently than Chatmeter had anticipated. The challenges thrown our way also showed us that our company was able to adapt and rise to the occasion in more ways than one. The most gratifying part? Being a part of a company whose product helped businesses stay on top of all these changes with an accurate online presence. Take a look back with us for a timeline of Chatmeter’s highlights and accomplishments throughout the year.

COVID-19 Resources & Information

Once COVID-19 hit, our team knew we had to do everything we can to make this time less stressful for our partners. This led to the creation of our COVID-19 Resource Guide. This critical resource guide was aimed at helping businesses protect their online reputation and manage their local SEO presence. It also contains a COVID-19 FAQ page and a checklist on how businesses can prepare for reopening. 



We also released two reports, including The Road to Reopening and the Local Brand Report: Reputation’s Role in the Grocery Industry. The Local Brand Report examined how well grocery brands were prepared to keep up with industry changes, competition, and of course the global pandemic. The Road to Reopening report analyzed over 120,000 locations across multiple industries to measure how COVID-19 impacted the online reputation of brands. This report gave key industry-specific insights as well as reopening strategies for all businesses. 


We are proud to announce that Chatmeter was named one of the top reputation management software companies by G2, Digital.com, and Capterra. Season over season, Chatmeter consistently ranked as one of the top reputation management and local SEO solutions by G2. Take a look at some of the categories we won awards for:


Platform Enhancements & Features

“2020 was our biggest year yet in terms of product enhancements and innovation, highlighted by the launch of our mobile app. Of course, no one could have anticipated the impact of COVID-19 – our ability to pivot quickly and invest in our Social Suite and Listings Management products helped clients navigate the challenges brought on by the virus. Our clients’ overwhelmingly positive response has created great momentum to deliver further innovation in our 2021 roadmap.” – Darren Seibert,  Product Manager

In 2020 we launched several features that were critical in helping businesses stay up-to-date and communicate with their customers. Bulk Editor was a tool released to help our users easily make bulk edits to listings. Users can update and add location information, as well as make updates and additions to listings in bulk by groups, single locations, or all locations.

Since changes related to COVID-19 were occurring so rapidly, we knew we had to give our users a faster and easier way through mobile access to make changes to their locations at a moment’s notice. This led to the launch of the LocationHQ Mobile App in June. Our Mobile App brought key functionalities from our software straight to our users’ hands. Now with the touch of a button, anyone could receive direct access to reputation management, local listings management, social media management, customer support, workflow, and more.

The Chatmeter Social Suite got a big upgrade with the addition of Instagram & LinkedIn to our platform. Now, businesses can manage “The Big Four” social platforms seamlessly from the Chatmeter dashboard for their social media strategy. In addition, when Google My Business made Google Posts available for multi-location businesses through the API, we immediately added this functionality into the dashboard for our customers.

We have even more exciting features coming your way in 2021, including a new & improved Local Pages. Stay tuned for more updates! 

Listings Management 

Our Listings Management team worked incredibly hard to ensure our partners had accurate listings. The lockdown had created rules that differed by regional guidelines, which made it nearly impossible for multi-location businesses to keep up with all the changes. 

On both March 23rd and April 3rd, Chatmeter’s local listing management team made 50,000 changes in a single day. This was no easy feat. It took immense effort, as well as long hours in the early morning to late night from the team to make sure our clients’ business information remained accurate.

“It’s no secret that our listing management service was essential during times of COVID-19. We saw our workload increase by 3x almost overnight and our listing department really stepped up to the challenge not just for our clients but for each other.  I was inspired not only by their dedication to the day-to-day work but also by their desire to collaborate and help each other to ensure our clients were taken care of during the busiest times. Chatmeter really couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated and hard-working team!” – Jelena Arnold, Client Operations Manager

Our First Virtual Customer Event – Pulse 2020


As time went on in 2020, it became clear that the new normal from COVID-19 was here to stay. This got our team thinking, how can we leverage our industry knowledge and network to help businesses overcome challenges from COVID-19?. This thought resulted in Chatmeter’s first virtual event, PULSE 2020. Pulse 2020 brought Chatmeter experts, industry experts, and our partners to join together for roundtable discussions, keynote sessions, and more. The four-day virtual event gave attendees fresh ideas and key takeaways to enhance their customer experience. 

Pulse 2020 was a tremendous success for us and our attendees. Check out what a few of our attendees said about their experience at Pulse 2020!

I enjoyed the keynote sessions with the industry experts — so many great takeaways.”

“I always like to attend Chatmeter webinars and implement new ideas or strategies into our goals.”

“Loved hearing from all of the expert guest speakers!”


Customer Success Team 

Chatmeter wouldn’t have enjoyed as many success stories in 2020 without the countless hours and stellar work of our Customer Success team. It was incredible to witness how our CSMs go through leaps and bounds to ensure the happiness of our partners. COVID-19 gave our clients from every industry challenges to work through, and we are extremely proud that our CSMs were there to help every step of the way. 

Chatmeter Gives Back

In 2020, Chatmeter gave back in many exciting ways. At the start of COVID-19, we decided to donate our budget reserved for catered lunches to the local community of San Diego and the Small Business Relief Fund. Chatmeter also hosted a virtual food drive for the San Diego Food Bank and donated toys to the Kroc Center. We’re proud of the positive impact we’ve made and look forward to giving back even more in 2021. 


Crisis Management Program for Healthcare (CMPH)

As COVID-19 unfolded, it became a large pain point for healthcare organizations to stay connected with their patients while managing the crisis from the pandemic. Chatmeter knew that our local SEO and reputation management software would be a critical helping hand for healthcare organizations. We launched CMPH to help aid healthcare organizations with limited resources or bandwidth to manage their online presence and simultaneously provide care to patients.This program offered healthcare organizations up to $5 million in free services for 90 days with no strings attached.


Chatmeter Team & Culture

Chatmeter had several new appointments to our leadership team this year, including Dan Cunningham, Chief Technology Officer; John Fitzgerald, Chief Financial Officer; Nichole Peterson, Vice President of Finance; and Kathleen Titano, Director of People & Culture. We also grew the team in several other departments, in Finance, Sales, Engineering, Listings, and Customer Success. Chatmeter has big plans to continue growing the team in the future months. If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our available positions here. 


My time at Chatmeter has been nothing short of amazing. I joined the company after getting to know its entrepreneurial culture, focus on customers, and drive to deliver a great product by meeting many team members in the interview process and through my own research. From my start in mid-February, I’ve worked with people in all areas of the business and they have proven, time and again, that my impressions of the company and its values were right on. It is refreshing and energizing to see the excitement across the team, the celebrations of the wins, and the can-do attitude and rolled-up-sleeves when challenges come along. It’s exciting and highly motivating to see what each day brings and to share some laughs and high fives along the way!! – John Fitzgerald, Chief Financial Officer


Transitioning to a fully remote team this year was a challenge. Some of the best benefits of being at Chatmeter were our team outings and work perks, such as sailing on the bay or catered lunches. Fortunately, our amazing People & Culture team figured out several ways to keep the fun going online. The catered lunches turned to monthly Grubhub allowances, while our office outings turned into virtual happy hours. Although it may not be exactly like before, our team has been fortunate enough to still be able to bond and connect throughout these times. 


Looking Forward into 2021

We are excited to announce some exciting updates to our Local Pages in the upcoming months. We also will be expanding our software with new enhancements and features over 2021. As we reflect back on this past year, it’s great to see how much Chatmeter was able to accomplish even throughout the challenges. We have even bigger plans on the horizon for next year, so keep reading our blog for new announcements!

Are you looking to make a big mark in 2021? See how the Chatmeter platform can elevate your brand’s presence with a free brand audit.