3 Simple Solutions to Stay Ahead of GMB Business Delays



If you have tried to update your Google My Business (GMB) information over the past couple weeks and have experienced delays in seeing those changes get accepted… you’re not alone. Millions of businesses have been affected by COVID-19, causing an influx in listing revisions leading to a delay in GMB approvals for non-critical businesses across the country. This includes delays in updates for Business Name, Description, Special Hours, and Normal Hours. In addition, it’s important to note Google has suspended new reviews, review responding, and Google Q&A in an effort to focus on updates to business profiles and protect the reputation of businesses from unfair reviews during COVID-19. 

It’s essential for your business to go above and beyond so customers are aware of all business updates. We know businesses are putting their reputation at risk while they wait, which is why we put together some (Google approved) ways you can keep customers informed in the midst of all these delays. 

#1 – Take advantage of Google Posts:

    • Posts seem to be functioning properly and were not referenced by Google in their announcement. Use these to get the most up to date information to your clients. Let them know if you are taking extra precautionary measures to help keep customers safe during this time. Announce product or service changes if you’re offering pick-up, special hours or reducing your menu offerings.
    • If you’re a Hotel or Bar and Google Posts are disabled for your category try to update your Business name or Description to announce changes to your operations.



#2 – Business Name Edits:

    • We do not recommend this as a long-term strategy, but due to COVID-19 Google has loosened restrictions on your business name to help show customers what is currently happening with your business. This includes adding “temporarily closed” or “by emergency only” to your business name. 
    • For Restaurants, you can use this field to announce that Delivery or Pick-Up is still available. 
    • After COVID-19 has passed you will need to return to the original name you’ve been using.
    • Keep in mind that Google is now manually reviewing all of these changes and prioritizing Healthcare first so expect delays here as well. 

#3 – Think Outside the Bounds of Google:

    • In addition to Google, your brand should be utilizing emails and local pages to communicate all updates with customers. 
    • A banner alert at the top of your website will alert site visitors about any pertinent information they need to know about. If your store-front has shut down but you are still offering deliveries, add a call to action on your banners. This is an effective way to let consumers know how they can continue to support your business. 



    • Social media is a great place for your business to share updates as well as engaging content during COVID-19. Create conversations with your audience on social media with engaging content and encourage them to ask questions. This will help your brand be seen as a reliable source during this time.

Chatmeter is staying vigilant to help businesses protect their brand during this time. It’s important for brands to communicate any updates and display the correct information as fast as possible. These suggestions will help you keep customers informed throughout Google’s delays and changes. If you have any questions or need assistance with these changes, reach out to our Location Experts to see how we can help.