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American Blue Ribbon Holdings Leverages Customers Engagement Through Utilization of Chatmeter's Services

Posted by admin on Oct 8, 2015 1:46:23 PM

American Blue Ribbon Holdings, the eighth largest full service restaurant holding company in the United States, has always placed an emphasis on guest feedback. ABRH has created a process to monitor and respond to customer feedback by utilizing Chatmeter’s Services to monitor their restaurants' reputation and online listings. Online reviews are now considered one of the fastest-growing social marketing tools, which can be leveraged to improve existing marketing efforts while boosting on-site conversion, traffic and engagement.

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Small Businesses See Bigger Impact In Social Media Marketing, Than Do Large Companies

Posted by collin on Aug 20, 2014 8:27:00 AM

According to Charlene Li, CEO and Principle Analyst at at the Altimer Group, organizations that do not participate in social media will not survive in the constantly changing marketplace. While a greater part of the marketing industry struggles to quantify the impact of social media some small business owners are seeing customer acquisition as the most valuable metric.

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How Twitter’s New Search Filters Could Effect Local SEO

Posted by collin on Mar 5, 2014 11:34:26 AM

Recently Twitter announced that there will be new search filters implemented on the desktop version of their website. According to Search Engine Journal, users can easily restrict their searches to show only photos, videos or news, just like they can on Google. They can also filter their search to show only results from people they follow or from people near them, which is the most important (in our opinion). This is very good news for businesses! They can put their local SEO strategies to good use on yet another social media platform.

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Utilizing YouTube Effectively For Local SEO

Posted by collin on Dec 4, 2013 12:28:26 PM

Lately SEO for local search has been in a state of near constant change.  Now that Google has rolled out recent interface changes and launched Hummingbird, the emphasis is being put on the breadth of your website instead of mainly being keyword focused like we’ve seen Google prefer in the past.   In terms of what this means for local search - your company’s use of social channels should now be considered an asset whereas it used to serve as simply another outlet to push out content.

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2013 Resolution: Join a Gym or Improve Local SEO

Posted by collin on Jan 11, 2013 5:01:05 PM

January 1st is an amazing time of the year. For (at least) one day, everyone is vowing to be a better person. What’s in greater desperate need of getting fit, your waistline or your online presence and reputation?  If the latter, then we put together this great overview of items for your 2013 strategy.

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Social Media Monitoring With The New and Improved Facebook

Posted by collin on Sep 29, 2011 2:42:46 PM
Oh No! The social media giant Facebook has changed! Not to worry, this does not mean businesses have to change their entire social media strategies because Facebook did away with “Check-ins”, but did they really?
A couple of weeks ago Facebook was said to change some key features of its platform. Some of the changes made were page privacy, ads to target interests, location tags (Location tagging means that people can tag statuses, pictures, and people with their exact location and they do not have to be on a mobile device.) and recommendations on place pages. Rumors were that Facebook was also removing check-ins and places, but it seems that they haven’t done either yet.


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Social Media for Business: Facebook Launches "Daily Deals" Platform

Posted by collin on May 25, 2011 3:42:36 PM

Facebook has finally implemented a daily deals program of their own. As we all know, Daily Deal sites have taken the Internet by storm and numerous sites are running deals in nearly every big city in the USA. Now Groupon and Living Social are the top Daily Deal sites, but who knows, maybe Facebook’s new addition will push them to the top! There are now hundreds of daily deal platforms, but its very likely the reach of these platforms will be a key to successfully delivering customers in a scalable and impactful way.    

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Hotels Invest More of their Marketing Budgets in Social Media & Reputation Management

Posted by collin on Sep 15, 2010 9:34:16 PM

The online media revolution has opened the door to a host of new issues for small business owners. Before, everyone was a critic, but the only ones you had to worry about were local newspaper or magazines. Today, with social media available at the palm of consumers’ hands an online review, good or bad, is just a few clicks away, and with a rating system reminiscent of a school GPA one mishap can leave a business owner wondering just what happened. According to a recent article on even the travel industry has taken to this rapidly growing consumer awareness segment by putting more of their marketing budgets towards digital marketing than any other industry. Stating that, “nearly 70% of US hoteliers responding to the April 2010 study reported online was the marketing channel with the greatest ROI”. Not too surprisingly, the report also mentioned that, “the majority of hotels are using a variety of online channels to reach potential customers, including 69% marketing via social media.” For most of the service industry, recommendations and online reviews are key to their growth strategy. As the article points out “Half said they proactively encouraged guests to post reviews of their hotel, and even those that did not encourage reviews saw the importance of review monitoring them. Nearly seven in 10 did so at least weekly.” It’s no secret, listening to the consumer is what keeps doors open and now with Hotels focusing more of their marketing efforts on social media monitoring and reputation management they are more apt to hear what their customers are saying both good and bad and react accordingly. Source:

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Protect Yourself with Reputation Management and Social Media Monitoring

Posted by collin on Sep 1, 2010 3:54:13 PM

People are talking about your business? Are you listening? Protect your business' brand name with online reputation management and social media monitoring. Remember the old saying, “Any press is good press?”  We say, it depends. You can only evaluate and react to bad press, or celebrate the good news, if you know what's out there. On the internet, this used to be a daunting, if not impossible task.  Not anymore thanks to chatmeter's online reputation management service for local businesses. Today it is important for all business owners to:

  • closely monitor your online reputation and what people are saying about them across the internet
  • find out where they are saying it
  • keep abreast of your competitors online reputation and internet marketing efforts
  • stay ahead of the curve in your industry and market.

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