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Organic and Local SEO are as Different as Night and Day

Posted by collin on Oct 16, 2014 4:03:16 PM

The way in which potential customers find businesses has evolved dramatically with advances in technology over the last few decades. Search engines have replaced standard word of mouth, forcing companies to re-evaluate their marketing strategies. If you’re a local business owner looking to rank high on SERPs, you first need to know the difference between organic and local SEO.

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Steps to grow your online presence using Pinterest

Posted by collin on Mar 26, 2012 1:34:19 PM

Pinterest is the newest social media platform to hit the ground running and start growing over- night. The idea involves a virtual pin board, where users can pin pictures they upload or re-pin pictures from other users. Re-pinning is seeing a picture on someone else’s pin board and then pinning it on your own. With pinning and re-pinning, Pinterest has potential to be a powerful tool for businesses that have an online presence. The question is what businesses, and how do they use it? 

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Posted by collin on Aug 17, 2011 4:50:57 PM










FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SAN JOSE , CA , August 17, 2011. FohBoh, Inc. ( announced today the release of FOHBuzz SnapShot®, the first Social CRM reporting tool that promises to make restaurant operators smarter and more successful using real-time, guest satisfaction analysis on-demand. FOHBuzz SnapShot takes aim directly at the billion dollar mystery shopping industry to help both chain and independent restaurateurs access real-time “crowd-sourced” reviews and opinions to better manage guest satisfaction, gauge social media marketing efforts while building loyalty and manage their online reputations.

“For the first time, restaurants will be able to order up a report, tap into customer sentiment in near real-time, to learn (a) what their customers think and say about them for any single restaurant location; and (b) learn how effective their local social media marketing efforts are working, represented by the FOHBuzz Score” said Emerald Reilly, Senior Social Media Analyst and Product Manager at FohBoh. FOHBuzz SnapShot can be accessed exclusively through the restaurant community and is only available to registered members for just $25 per report beginning August 15, 2011.

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Google +, just another social media site for SMBs to monitor online reviews?

Posted by collin on Jul 26, 2011 5:18:12 PM

“It’s a bird”! “No, it’s a plane”! “No, it’s another Social Media site”! “What are we going to do with this”?! This may be what local businesses are saying about Google + when they heard about the new social media site. Google + is a modernized Facebook. It takes staying connected to an all new technological level. Between the group video chats, huddles, and the automatic picture uploads, Google+ could take social media to the next generation.


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New and Improved Local Search Marketing Tool; Bing Business Portal

Posted by collin on May 6, 2011 9:02:33 PM

Bing has recently been working on changing the way in which their Business listings are claimed and presented. What was originally the “Local Listing Center” is now being converted to the Bing Business Portal(BBP). This is good news for local business owners because Bing is making changes to make listings on their site more efficient for local businesses.


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Facebook made easier for Small Business owners

Posted by collin on May 6, 2011 8:58:27 PM

Facebook has recently made changes to make Facebook pages easier to use for small businesses. Let’s face it, setting up a Facebook page, can be a little confusing for some less savvy business owners.   When initially setting up a Facebook account for business purposes, many business owners don’t realize and set up a personal profile page.. We have seen that about 20% of SMB businesses that have registered for chatmeter and provided us with their Facebook URL have setup these personal profile pages. The problem with this is that only “friends” of this business can see the valuable posts, updates, feeds, and information that the business owner is providing.  Which means potential consumers are “out”…that’s not good.  Also these individual profile pages do not allow you to add your listing information (Name, Address, Phone Number), which can provide a valuable citation  (reference to your business and website from an external site…Facebook.) . These citations are  important because they provide more credibility, especially from a popular site like Facebook..

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Merging Facebook Places with Facebook Fan Pages

Posted by collin on Jan 20, 2011 5:03:59 PM

There are two different Facebook pages that you should know about if you’re serious about social media marketing. First is the Facebook Fan page.  Any type of business can create a a business page that can be used to accumulate fans, post new status messages, and manage a variety of tabs like you see in the image below:

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Facebook launches check-ins and Deals: Pros and Cons for SMB Owners

Posted by collin on Jan 7, 2011 2:09:11 PM

Facebook mobile now includes a feature that lets you to tell your friends when you are visiting a specific business location. Facebook calls this “checking-in.”  This means that you can use a smartphone device to receive a list of local businesses in your area and subsequently “check in” at the one you are frequenting.  This “check-in” is then visible to all of your friends through your newsfeed and a posting on your personal Facebook wall.  Businesses are taking advantage of this new concept and adding certain deals and specials that are available only to those people who have “checked in” to the specific location.  With a constant increase in the number of mobile Facebook users, we can’t help but wonder what effects this will this have on local SMB owners. Some of the early participants of Facebook Deals included 24 Hour Fitness, Alamo Draft house Cinema, American Eagle Outfitters, Chipotle, Gap, Golden State Warriors, JC Penney, McDonald's, and Starbucks.  Gap was one of the first to advertise their Facebook Deals through commercials. The first 10,000 customers to “check-in” to the Gap location received a free pair of jeans.  This got people lined up at 8 am to take advantage of the Facebook Deal.

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Is the Online Information about Your Business Correct?

Posted by collin on Nov 10, 2010 10:40:27 AM

According to a new study, 7 out of 10 potential customers are more likely to buy from a local business when it makes information accessible through a social media site. This yearly study, which is called “Local Search Usage Study: Bridging The Gaps, From Search to Sales,” is a combined effort of TMP Directional Marketing and comScore. The study surveys 4,000 consumers online and contains data obtained by observing one million of those who allowed their online searches to be monitored anonymously.

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1 in 4 People Searching Yelp are Doing So from their Mobile Phone

Posted by collin on Jul 8, 2010 8:00:27 AM

I was surprised at first when I read this, but given the proliferation of Smartphones, it's actually not that hard to believe. Even my 64 year old father uses a Blackberry and my 10 year old nephew has an Iphone.  Yelp has become the trusted go-to resource for anyone searching for local businesses. In June 2010, Yelp announced that every 5 seconds, someone uses their mobile phone app to call a local business.  During the month of May, Yelp for iPhone had over 1.4 million visitors.

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