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While striving for a POSITIVE online reputation, don’t forget about the NEGATIVE experiences occurring every day that you never hear about

Posted by Rachel Larsen on Jul 6, 2016 1:05:03 PM

We hear businesses on a daily basis assume that the majority of reviews online are a result of customers having negative experiences. The truth is, only about 20% of customerswill post a review after a negative experience, and about the same would submit a review after a positive experience. The majority of negative shopping experiences are actually never recorded and fall on deaf employee ears. While this is good news to most storefronts, the problem is that negative feedback, in fact, helps a business improve operations, retain customers, and avoid repeated mistakes. Without knowing what is turning customers away, the result could be more, negatively, powerful than having 5 stars for all of your locations.

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Facebook Testing a Real Local Search Site; Get Ready to Step Up Your Local SEO and Review Monitoring Activities

Posted by admin on Dec 22, 2015 10:52:34 AM

With Facebook adding starred reviews at the end of 2013 and partnerting with Factual recently to include millions of more store pages, we knew a local search portal was not far away.  Although it has been live for close to a month, Facebook has yet to promote their  new local search engine ( to the mass public. While this first beta version is available on desktops, it has yet to take the jump to mobile devices. Its features and UI are strikingly similar to other local search giants like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google… and has even been hyped the “Yelp Killer” by a few online articles.

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How Twitter’s New Search Filters Could Effect Local SEO

Posted by collin on Mar 5, 2014 11:34:26 AM

Recently Twitter announced that there will be new search filters implemented on the desktop version of their website. According to Search Engine Journal, users can easily restrict their searches to show only photos, videos or news, just like they can on Google. They can also filter their search to show only results from people they follow or from people near them, which is the most important (in our opinion). This is very good news for businesses! They can put their local SEO strategies to good use on yet another social media platform.

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Utilizing YouTube Effectively For Local SEO

Posted by collin on Dec 4, 2013 12:28:26 PM

Lately SEO for local search has been in a state of near constant change.  Now that Google has rolled out recent interface changes and launched Hummingbird, the emphasis is being put on the breadth of your website instead of mainly being keyword focused like we’ve seen Google prefer in the past.   In terms of what this means for local search - your company’s use of social channels should now be considered an asset whereas it used to serve as simply another outlet to push out content.

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The Comprehensive Crackdown For Online Review Monitoring

Posted by collin on Oct 1, 2013 2:40:54 PM

Fake it till you’re behind bars. That’s the new saying these days. When it comes to online reviews, that seems to be the business model for far too many companies lately.

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