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Google Dominated with Ads Pushes Down Organic SEO Results

Posted by Rachel Larsen on Aug 23, 2016 11:09:43 AM

As of February, Google rolled out an entirely new layout in which they removed the ads on the right side of the webpage and added a fourth paid ad on top of organic search results. Businesses paying for ads are rejoicing while organic SEO results are less than pleased with the change.

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Pokémon Go: Catching Consumers Through Local Search

Posted by Xander Beaumont on Jul 28, 2016 4:58:07 PM

Pokémon Go fever is at an all-time high, with users falling off cliffs and crashing cars in pursuit of being the very best. Mass amounts of citizens are taking to the streets with high hopes to catch the next Charizard and Pikachu in their communities, and there is a veritable gold mine waiting for businesses that are looking to cash in on this rapidly expanding user network. Every person walking around with their phone in their face is a potential customer for your long as they don’t walk into oncoming traffic on their way to you! What does this mean for your business? Marketing opportunities, foot traffic, revenues, and money! See below on how to capitalize on this craze that’s taking the world by storm.

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Why Local Competitor Monitoring Is Required For Your Stores

Posted by admin on Mar 10, 2015 1:04:22 PM

Although there are many benefits to monitoring your national competition, national benchmarks do little for your individual locations. This is because your stores’ local competition may not be the same brands that you view as your national competition. For example, Pizza Hut may think Domino’s is their primary competitor. However, upon local competitor monitoring, they may discover that many of their stores are actually competing with a Papa John’s or more often, a local or regional pizza chain that comes up first in search results and has great reviews.

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How Do Reviews and Listings Management Affect Local SEO?

Posted by admin on Feb 17, 2015 12:33:53 PM

Do you ever wonder how search engines think? How Google decides where to rank your store/location on Google Maps? It’s a kind of “artificial intelligence” that attempts to mimic the way humans think! Search engines are designed to give the best results to the user among a dynamic digital world where things are changing at lightning speed.   It is rumored that there are over 3,000 signals that go into a local ranking algorithm (i.e. Google Maps). Nobody knows the real story, but we know that listing accuracy and reviews each play a key role.

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SMBs can now improve their Local SEO through 'Google My Business'

Posted by collin on Jul 9, 2014 9:11:50 AM

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Online Review Management in the new world: 3rd party reviews disappear from Google Places

Posted by collin on Jul 29, 2011 12:50:41 PM

     Google has recently updated its Place pages by removing third party online reviews. There are a variety of reasons for this, but one significant reason is likely due to an ongoing anti trust suit filed against Google. One of the issues was that Google places used reviews from Yelp, Tripadvisor, and other review sites which helped Google provide more value for the places product. But the bigger issue was when Google then started showing Google Places higher up in the rankings over these same sites they were pulling content from. In addition, the recent explosion in review generation on google directly is a contributing factor (“we don’t need your stinkin’ reviews!”). Not anymore anyway.    


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Understanding the Most Important Local Search Ranking Factors

Posted by collin on Aug 3, 2010 1:47:17 PM

According to local search marketing experts like David Mihm, there are dozens of factors that effect local search rankings. For many small business owners, this may sound overwhelming.  Don’t fret.  We’ve outlined the most important factors that determine your local search rankings in the Google 7-pack, Yahoo’s local business listings, and Bing’s local business listings. The Most Important Local Search Ranking Factors:

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