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Pokémon Go: Catching Consumers Through Local Search

Posted by Xander Beaumont on Jul 28, 2016 4:58:07 PM

Pokémon Go fever is at an all-time high, with users falling off cliffs and crashing cars in pursuit of being the very best. Mass amounts of citizens are taking to the streets with high hopes to catch the next Charizard and Pikachu in their communities, and there is a veritable gold mine waiting for businesses that are looking to cash in on this rapidly expanding user network. Every person walking around with their phone in their face is a potential customer for your long as they don’t walk into oncoming traffic on their way to you! What does this mean for your business? Marketing opportunities, foot traffic, revenues, and money! See below on how to capitalize on this craze that’s taking the world by storm.

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Google Places has a new design layout. What does this mean for SMB Owners?

Posted by collin on Oct 26, 2010 12:11:58 PM

Google has recently made a significant change to its "places" review layout.  Google is no longer displaying a mix of reviews from Google Maps users and reviews from other 3rd party online directories.  Now, they are grouping all reviews from 3rd party online directories in a section called “Reviews from around the web” with just one review listed on each directory and a link to visit the directory to view more reviews about that particular business.  Just below that, visitors can see reviews left specifically on Google Maps.  This is a very significant change, which can affect both the consumer visiting the place page and the business owner who owns that page.

For consumers, it’s helpful because they are now showing the overall rating and number of reviews coming from, for example, Yelp, which was not included previously. 

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Claim your Local Business Listing on Google Places and Get $100 Adwords Credit - Offer Expires Soon!

Posted by collin on Aug 18, 2010 10:17:33 AM

Google is doing everything they can to entice local business owner to claim their local business listings on Google Places.  This week our clients starting receiving letters in the mail from Google enclosed with actual gift cards worth $100 in advertising on Google AdWords. There's no obligation or commitment and you can stop advertising on AdWords when your free trial is over.

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Google Maps Offering Free 30 Day Advertising Trial - Offer Expires July 23, 2010

Posted by collin on Jul 14, 2010 2:22:33 PM

Google Maps, formerly Local Business Center, is offering a free 30 day trial for its local business advertising tags.  The service helps  your local business listing stand out by adding an eye-catching yellow tag that can allow your potential customers to print out a coupon. This offer expires July 23rd, so act fast or you may lose out on this opportunity.

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