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Google Plus is Redesigned- Your Local SEO Strategy Should Focus on Google Maps

Posted by admin on Dec 20, 2014 8:27:00 AM

In November, Google responded to user feedback with a newly designed Google+. It’s streamlined and has an emphasis on communities and collections. The company rebuilt it across all mediums. So the site is consistent and easy to use on any format. However, your local business should direct customers to Google Maps.


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If you happen to visit a Google+ page today, you’ll see an option to check out the new Google+. The updated UI is simpler, faster and integrated across the web, iOS and Android, making it easier and more convenient to navigate. 


Last month, we reported that Google was beginning to separate business listings from Google+ pages. This latest makeover to Google+ reinforces the fact that they are shifting their listings to maps. Your business should now be directing customers and clients to Google Maps business listings rather than your Google+ page.


Because the company recognized that most of the growth on the site was through Collections and Communities, Google+ now has a more social/community based feel. It doesn’t give users the option to write reviews, share, or post pictures on a local business page.


The new Google+ has yet to be fully promoted, and doesn’t show up in local search results. Although the company still gives the option to use the classic UI, it can be assumed that it will eventually be phased out. Google reviews, ratings and directions to a business listing still remain primarily on Google maps.


One minor change to a social media or review site can have a large impact on your overall SEO strategy. If you need help figuring it all out, contact us for a free demonstration. Chatmeter will show you how simple it can be to keep up with it all!


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