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Instagram entering local search via new business pages

Posted by admin on Jun 1, 2016 12:53:05 PM

Instagram is adding new features to its platform, making business profiles more competitive in the world of Local Search and SEO. They are in the process of building specific features for businesses- similar to Facebook’s brand pages. A contact button, linkable location tag and a category will be some of the main features distinguishing business profiles from personal ones. This is currently in beta to select features, but here are some details we’ve discovered about the up and coming release.

Location Tag

The “Location” tag has a map that lists other Instagram business accounts nearby, making it easier for people to find and search for local businesses. From what we can tell, this is not a pure local search engine that you can search for categories. It appears they are just showing nearby businesses, similar to what you can do on Google Maps. However, it is likely that in the future they will enable category-based search, since they are allowing you to identify your business categories.


Users will be able to update and submit business categories with the added category field. This will tell Instagram users what services your business offers and help you show up in “nearby” search results. These are similar to the category fields on local search sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google.



Contact Button

The “Contact “button will allow users to contact the business without following them. Clicking on the contact button will give Instagram users the ability to gain directions and email addresses of the business they are interested in. This may end up being a support channel similar to how customers are contacting businesses directly on Facebook.




Currently, only those who already have a Facebook Page for their business will be able to convert their account. There will be access to the features listed above, as well as tools to help track key insights behind the scenes. This is definitely an app your local business will want to keep an eye on. We’ve been seeing more and more social media sites, like Instagram, hopping on the local search bandwagon and there are constant changes being made to the dynamics of local search. It can be overwhelming to manage it all. No worries, Chatmeter can help. We monitor and report on your presence and media on Instagram with all your other points of presence online. Contact us today and we will show how to best optimize your presence and reputation for every one of your locations.


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