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Are More of Your Customers Coming From Local Search or Traditional Media?

Posted by admin on Aug 21, 2015 9:45:12 AM

Ask any Millennial; they will tell you the only way to find out more about a company (or anything for that matter) is by searching online. They probably don’t know Yellow Pages is named after the color of the book or that a Penny Saver isn’t just about saving a copper Abraham.


Well, a study conducted earlier this July surprisingly shows otherwise; digital isn’t the only pipeline consumers are seeking information from. This study, lead by Local Search Association, provides those in the search marketing field- and anyone looking to improve their local marketing strategy- with some important insight. This report dives into patterns from consumers that sought after 142 different business categories via 8 media sources, ranging from Print to Digital. Utilizing a Search Engine was the most frequent medium, but Print is important not to dismiss amongst certain categories.


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26% of customers investigated Ratings/Reviews Sites before dining, which was one of the highest business categories of all 142 in which users consulted Ratings/Reviews. This exemplifies the importance of all Restaurants actively managing and responding to their Ratings and Reviews. Paying close attention to what consumers are saying helps managers understand how to improve and maintain a reputation that sets them above the Restaurant next door.




Consumers kept it old school and didn’t utilize search engines the most often for this category! Of all 142 industries searched, Supermarkets obtained the most traffic from Newspapers, at 30%. As a Supermarket, implementing or keeping Newspaper ads as a tool in your box of marketing strategies doesn't look to vanish in the near future.




33% of people inquiring about Physicians used Print Yellow Pages, (PYP). Auto repair companies and dentists were also searched via the PYP, at the same percentage. Don’t cancel your PYP subscription if you are a business in this industry.


Bottom line: the local search medium consumers are utilizing depends greatly upon the business they are seeking. Understanding how your consumers are searching allows you to adjust your current marketing strategy (or keep it the same, good job!) to better target your audience. Contact Chatmeter today to see how your locations are ranking on the local level and where you stand amongst your competitors based on key word searches! The search for improving your marketing strategy can end here with our great tool, satisfying your reputation needs.

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