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National vs. Local Reputation Management

Posted by collin on Oct 26, 2014 6:17:13 PM

With the increasing impact of Local SEO - local reputation management has shifted from a national to local emphasis. Searchers are relying on online review and social media sites such as Yelp, Foursquare, Twitter, etc. to gather information about a company instead of going directly to their website.

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Brands are spending millions on national brand monitoring. This means using a local reputation management solution that is tracking the brand name, for example “Starbucks”, across the web to find comments about the business coming in. There are tons of great resources for this such as Radian6, Simplify 360, and BuzzMetrics. For a big brand, there will be thousands of mentions a day. Over a long period of time the business’s overall rating will not fluctuate significantly, making it difficult for the business to move the needle. Therefore, national brand monitoring is much less actionable over time.

Additionally, did you know that traditional national brand monitoring can miss up to 80% of what people are saying for retailers!!! The reason is that most people are no longer including the company name in the text of the comment itself. When posting on a Yelp or Foursquare page, it’s inherent they are talking about the brand.

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However, Chatmeter was designed specifically for local retailers to find customer reviews and social media mentions and tag them down to the store level, and report back which stores are doing well and which stores need some attention. Analyzing a brand’s reputation by location is more actionable since you can focus on training and operations at the store level, having a big impact on the customer experience.

Furthermore, your local reputation is relative and just that…local. The number of mentions, reviews, and quality of those reviews vary from market to market. You will need way more reviews for a store in San Francisco than in Toledo, for example.

As a national brand, you are likely comparing yourselves to competitors of similar sizes, (i.e. Starbucks to Dunkin Doughnuts). But, what about all the smaller chains and even the local coffee shop that all the locals flock too!

Every storefront has a very different environment that influences its overall reputation. So how can you account for these variations? We answer that with our unique feature of pulling data for each individual store and benchmarking each store with 5 of its local competitors to use for comparison.

Knowing how your business is doing in each location will save you millions of dollars in lost revenue due to negative reviews.   Did you know that 1 negative review for 1 store can drive away 30 new customers? How many stores do you have…and how many bad reviews? Do the math and it should scare you…to take action. Isn’t it time you took real customer feedback and focused on improving the customer experience.   As a marketer, you are responsible for driving in new customers, but you can’t do that if your stores have a terrible local reputation since potential customers see that first.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how your local reputation is doing and learn what actions you can take today to stop driving away customers!

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