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6 Ways To Speed Up Your Local SEO Success in 2014

Posted by collin on Jan 8, 2014 7:25:00 PM

Happy 2014 from Chatmeter! And as you might have guessed, local SEO is going to continue being a hot topic in the new year.  This blog post aims to help give you some tips as you navigate an ever-changing landscape littered with Google updates, semantic search and much, much more.

You see, forecasting local SEO trends is not easy.  As Guillaume Bouchard put it, writer for Search Engine Watch, “…local SEO isn't a trend, phenomenon or fad.  Local – along with personalized search – is a necessary evolution to truly optimize the search experience for users across the globe.”

In this blog post, we will touch on what's been happening in 2013 already as well as what to look for in 2014 and beyond.  Below is a short list of topics you should familiarize yourself with.

  • Hummingbird
  • Mobility and Locality
  • Hacking Pinterest to increase local traffic
  • Turnkey Local SEO Strategies
  • Free, freemium and premium tools
  • Executive resources: Infographics on local


Tip 1: Hummingbird

This is a change that is impacting how search may be done in the future, rather than in the past. Google is calling Hummingbird the most significant algorithm update they’ve made in years.  Hummingbird aims to do better at matching queries to results rather than just keywords to truly create an experience for the user.  Find out more about Google’s Hummingbird here!

Tip 2: Mobility and Locality

According to Search Engine Watch, “Nearly one in two shoppers for local products and services are using their phone.”  So how does this affect you?  Simply put, if your business is not implementing a strong mobile strategy, “…you are essentially neglecting or potentially insulting half of your target demographic.”

Tip 3: Hacking Pinterest to increase local traffic

Most people use Pinterest to pass time and shop in a fun, interactive way.  But too many people never stop to think that Pinterest can actually serve as a great local SEO tool.  For instance, in late November, Pinterest launched a service called "Place Pins".   This new tool connects published content with a location on a map.   Are you starting to connect the dots?  Pinterest’s new locality component can work in tandem with reputation and review management.  Fore more information, keep reading!


Tip 4: Turnkey Local SEO strategies

We all know that there are many different angles you can approach local SEO. Bouchard of Search Engine Watch writes, “When it comes to getting started – more often than not it's easiest to flatter someone by emulating a proven strategy. “ He goes on to offer a couple of strategies, which you can find out more about right here!

Tip 5: Free, freemium and premium tools

There are also many different tools out there for you to use as you implement your local SEO strategies. In this section, we recommend focusing your efforts on free, freemium and premium tools. Add any of these to your SEO arsenal and you’ll enable your business to stay ahead of your competition.

Tip 6: Infographics on local

There are situations when you’ve got time to sift through lengthy blog posts and sometimes, you just don’t. You want to wade through all the unnecessary chatter and get right to the important stuff. Using Guillaume Bouchard ‘s article on Search Engine Watch, we’ve compiled 5 top infographics that will help your business crush local SEO in 2014:

20 Marketing Statistics that Will Drive 2014
Why Reviews Matter Most to Local Business
Local Search Evolved
Local SEO for Businesses
How Important is Local To Your Business

Keep in mind, these are just some tips to get your 2014 local SEO campaigns off to a good start. Remember that there is a whole world of local SEO tools available out there and they are waiting at your fingertips. Good luck!

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