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Social Media Monitoring With The New and Improved Facebook

Posted by collin on Sep 29, 2011 2:42:46 PM
Oh No! The social media giant Facebook has changed! Not to worry, this does not mean businesses have to change their entire social media strategies because Facebook did away with “Check-ins”, but did they really?
A couple of weeks ago Facebook was said to change some key features of its platform. Some of the changes made were page privacy, ads to target interests, location tags (Location tagging means that people can tag statuses, pictures, and people with their exact location and they do not have to be on a mobile device.) and recommendations on place pages. Rumors were that Facebook was also removing check-ins and places, but it seems that they haven’t done either yet.


Location tagging can be great news for SMBs. Not only will people see that their friends are checked in at an establishment, but now the picture that was taken at the location can be linked to the Facebook Places page (Facebook Places is a section on Facebook that allows companies to have their information listed on a page created specially for that company).
This creates a tagging history for Facebook Places. If a picture or status stays tagged with a location, then anyone who sees that picture or status after its original posting can be linked to the locations page. This can really boast a company’s online reputation or it could damage it. If a company is actively using an online reputation management strategy that includes social media monitoring, then there should be no un-resolved mentions and therefore people will see only the best that company has to offer when people are linked back to that locations Place page.
The next change is Facebook recommendations!!! Look out Yelp and Trip advisor. Facebook now offers recommendations for businesses with Place pages.

This is a screen shot of Facebook prompting me to recommend a restaurant.


This is an interesting approach with the word “recommendations”, which is simply implying positive content, unlike the word reviews. This is a great strategy to drive online reputation management to a new level. What does this mean for your business? That its online reputation just became more susceptible to damage by negative reviews. With “ 90% of online consumers trusting recommendations from  people they know” (according to BazaarVoice) and Facebook now prompting users to recommend a business, this takes online review management to a whole new level. Not only do businesses have to worry about what is being said on the top review sites, but now they have to worry about what is happening on Facebook.
Facebook recommendations should already be a part of your places page. Just like “check ins,” is part of the page so there is no complex integration, and people should be able to start recommending the establishment right away. All the business needs to do is start monitoring its Facebook page by using a third party service like, to ensure that their reputation online is congruent with the brand image.
For the companies that have a fan page and a place page, there is a way to merge these two and have one central page to communicate with all of their fans and Facebook users. The Chatmeter Team published a blog about this very topic to help with the merging process of place and fan pages. 
Trends show that before people decide where they are going to eat, shop, or who will mow their lawns, they are checking out online reviews including Facebook. If a company has a lot of negative reviews and is not using some kind of online review management, social media monitoring or reputation management service, it will start to notice a drop in business. For more information on services that include social media monitoring, online review management, and online reputation management check out
In my research I came up with these questions:
Is Facebook going to have its very own ranking algorithm? It seems to me that it may be setting up for some type of ranking system among businesses or locations.
If a business has a bunch of tags that link back to its page, can it make its Facebook page more valuable? I hope that these questions will be answered in the near future.

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