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Facebook made easier for Small Business owners

Posted by collin on May 6, 2011 8:58:27 PM

Facebook has recently made changes to make Facebook pages easier to use for small businesses. Let’s face it, setting up a Facebook page, can be a little confusing for some less savvy business owners.   When initially setting up a Facebook account for business purposes, many business owners don’t realize and set up a personal profile page.. We have seen that about 20% of SMB businesses that have registered for chatmeter and provided us with their Facebook URL have setup these personal profile pages. The problem with this is that only “friends” of this business can see the valuable posts, updates, feeds, and information that the business owner is providing.  Which means potential consumers are “out”…that’s not good.  Also these individual profile pages do not allow you to add your listing information (Name, Address, Phone Number), which can provide a valuable citation  (reference to your business and website from an external site…Facebook.) . These citations are  important because they provide more credibility, especially from a popular site like Facebook..


Changing your personal profile page to a Fan page is very easy. When you convert your page Facebook will automatically transfer all of your profile pictures and make all of your current friends people who like your page. Keep in mind that no other content will be carried over so you might have to spend some time saving and re-adding any important content to your new page. The account that was associated with your profile previously maintained will become the sole administrator of your new business account page. More administrators can always be added to make changes to the page as well.


If you would like to convert your profile to a Fan page, click here and follow the instructions.


We highly advise all small business owners with personal pages to convert them  to Facebook business pages. The change that Facebook has made makes this very easy and takes into account the purpose and needs of a business Facebook page. This change will allow anyone to be able to view and “like” your page.


This change will definitely benefit your message being conveyed through Facebook. If you are having any trouble with this you can visit the link below for help from the Facebook team!


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