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Protect Yourself with Reputation Management and Social Media Monitoring

Posted by collin on Sep 1, 2010 3:54:13 PM

People are talking about your business? Are you listening? Protect your business' brand name with online reputation management and social media monitoring. Remember the old saying, “Any press is good press?”  We say, it depends. You can only evaluate and react to bad press, or celebrate the good news, if you know what's out there. On the internet, this used to be a daunting, if not impossible task.  Not anymore thanks to chatmeter's online reputation management service for local businesses. Today it is important for all business owners to:

  • closely monitor your online reputation and what people are saying about them across the internet
  • find out where they are saying it
  • keep abreast of your competitors online reputation and internet marketing efforts
  • stay ahead of the curve in your industry and market.

Social media monitoring and online reputation management can play an important role in doing this. Social media monitoring is a powerful tool for any business or brand, large or small. For businesses this can be a powerful tool for research, sales and for competitor awareness. The power of the consumers voice has never been stronger. It is affecting consumer behavior and how companies operate. Did you know?

  • 84% of American consumers say online reviews have an effect on their purchase decisions.
  • 92% of consumers surveyed said they had more confidence in information they seek out online than anything coming from a salesclerk or other source.
  • 4 in 5 shoppers say they gather information on their own from the web before buying.

With chatmeter’s Online Reputation Management service, you’ll never get caught by a surprise attack on your good name. If people are talking about you, then the chatmeter will find it and tell you. Not just your company name, but your competition, too. The chatmeter  can keep track of any web content that mentions your business name.

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