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Google Maps now open to Plumbers, Contractors, Real Estate Agents, and other Home-Based Businesses

Posted by collin on Apr 6, 2010 1:07:27 PM

Google is finally making their Maps product friendly to home-based and service businesses who are very local in nature, but they don’t have a “physical location”. They often come to you. Until now, businesses had to display a physical address to get a listing on Google Maps in one location. This makes it difficult for service-based businesses that come to you, target additional towns/cities. This new feature (still in testing) should solve that problem.

From the screen shot below: Businesses will be able to choose whether to list their address and they can select the service area. Service areas can be input either via distance from a single point, or listing cities/zip codes.
NOTE:  This is in testing, so it may not be available in all areas/listings yet,but go ahead and try it now.  If you already have a current listing, log into your Local Business Center and update your listing to add your service areas.  If you don’t have a listing, add it today!  Go to:

Matt McGee wrote a step-by-step at Search Engine Land.

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